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Customer review websites are a popular way to get SEO for your site, but these sites have been known to be fake. They often produce reviews that never existed on the website and pay users to write them. These practices lead many businesses into turning away from these sites as they cannot trust their customers’ feedback in any capacity.

These websites help you find the best review sites for your business. They also provide a lot of information on how to write an effective review, and they are all UK based. Read more in detail here: best reviewing websites.

In this piece, I’ll go through significant and independent research to determine which customer review websites are the most effective for SEO. Please keep in mind that they are all paid UK sites.

The following are the four platforms that have been considered for this article:





A Quick Rundown of What These Websites Have to Offer:

One (or more) of these review platforms charges your organization a monthly fee to gather client feedback on your company, goods, and services.

The services listed above provide code snippets that you may use on your site to show your ratings to your visitors.

These snippets also provide that data to Google, allowing it to show the stars and ratings that we see on certain search results and in AdWords text advertising.

Using a third-party site to gather your reviews is not required to profit from the stars on search engine results pages (SERPs), but it is recommended in my opinion because of the credibility these sites have in Google’s eyes.

What Are the Most Important SEO Advantages of Customer Review Sites and Platforms?

  1. Benefits of Beautification

  2. Providing Google with proof of your offer’s quality

Let’s go a little deeper! 

  • Benefits of Beautification

Most SEO professionals believe that when Google registers a greater-than-expected click-through rate for a particular position and a low bounce rate for those visitors to the site, Google rewards that web page with a better rank.

We know that the more appealing SERP listings capture the eye and obtain higher click-through rates at any given rank.

These “beautified” results often get more hits than Google considers “fair share.”

This catches Google’s attention: listings that attract more clicks by being more appealing than the ones around them tend to advance in the ranks, as long as they meet the demands of the consumers.

In this way, Google is expected to reward high-performing sites in a ‘rich get richer’ pattern.

The bounce rate is an easy-to-understand indicator of user satisfaction: is it typical, greater, or lower than expected?

The yellow review stars, also known as rich snippet stars, are a crucial beautifying aspect of any SERP snippet.

Recognized third-party customer review sites, when used correctly, almost ensure that your pages will get those stars, a more appealing appearance, and more than their fair amount of hits… as well as an increase in the rankings


Warning: If you get negative feedback and your score falls below 4 out of 5 stars, the beautifying effect may become unsightly, so make sure you provide excellent service to obtain a good rating!

  • Providing Google with proof of your offer’s quality

These third-party sites provide as a guarantee that the client evaluations gathered are genuine.

From an SEO standpoint, Google recognizes the evaluations as credible and honest assessments of your organization and offerings because of the guarantees provided by these networks.

The basic goal of Google is to deliver the best solution for a user’s search (in this case, the products and services you and your competitors offer).

If all other factors are equal, and you get primarily positive reviews (80% or more), Google’s algorithm will favor you higher in the rankings since it is more sure that your firm is a suitable fit for its consumers.

There’s a second component to this equation: Google’s trust in the third-party guarantee of your stellar customer ratings.

The more Google is persuaded of THEIR trustworthiness, the more trustworthiness your reviews will have. This is crucial for your SEO.

What is the best site or platform for customer reviews in terms of SEO?

Benefits of Beautification

Rich snippet stars in the SERPs are available on all four platforms, allowing you to improve your ranking.

There were no winners in this game.

SEO Boost

The issue to answer is: which review platform has the greatest trust in Google’s eyes, and hence will give each of your customer reviews the most legitimacy?

Who is the most well-known?

1636646810_681_Paid-UK-Customer-Review-Websites-for-SEOSEMrush measurements demonstrating the platforms’ prominence in Google

In every scenario, Trustpilot is well ahead of the competition. Feefo comes in second, followed by Trusted Shops, and eKomi comes in third.

Who’s got the most SEO clout?


Other Things to Think About

What are the current trends?

I’ve been researching customer review sites for SEO for the last two years. Feefo has progressively grown in popularity.

Trusted stores have been on the increase since the beginning of 2017, surpassing Ekomi, which is presently the only one of the four platforms losing popularity.

From an SEO standpoint, Trustpilot has a huge advantage.

According to the aforementioned study, Trustpilot has a 600% edge over the nearest competition, and has maintained that advantage for many years.

I don’t think any of the others will be able to catch up to them very soon, particularly because Trustpilot continues to grow in popularity.

Penalties from Google?

Whether or not a firm has been penalized by Google in the past says volumes about its SEO dedication and response.

I looked at a few of open sites — and — out of curiosity.

In the past several years, both have incurred significant losses as a result of Google penalties.

Ciao looks to be a serial victim of Penguin, whereas Review Centre appears to be a serial victim of Panda.

None of the four sites mentioned in this post seem to have been penalized by Google, which is comforting.

Being closely affiliated with a penalized site is definitely not going to assist your SEO!

And the Grand Prize Winner Is…

For SEO, Trustpilot is the best consumer review site.

Trustpilot logo

This award goes to Trustpilot without a doubt.

They were already considerably ahead of the competition in terms of SEO exposure five years ago, which gave them authority in Google’s eyes.

Over the previous two to three years, a solid SEO approach has put them farther ahead of the competition.

With a (potentially) 6-fold edge, I’m left with just a few options.

Bonus: Trustpilot is the only one of the four that is explicitly included in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph is the most important location to be in Search Marketing going ahead, and it’s a topic that I’m particularly interested in.

That issue will be the subject of a future article.


Please keep in mind that in doing this study, as an SEO and ORM specialist, I choose to focus only on the SEO advantages of each platform.

Other considerations that may play a part in determining which platform is best for you, such as simplicity of deployment, affordability, services provided, internationalization, and so on, have not been considered.

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