Podcasting in 2021: What You Need to Know

As podcasting continues to grow, the industry of creating and producing podcasts is expanding as well. This paper discusses how developments in technology will impact this market for years to come.

Podcasting in 2021: What You Need to Know. Podcasting is a way of disseminating audio content over the internet, typically on a regular schedule. In 2021, podcast statistics are expected to reach 6 billion downloads per month. Read more in detail here: podcast statistics 2021.

Many people and organizations are questioning whether podcasting is a method that may work for them, which is why we prepared a list of the greatest marketing podcasts. We covered who should create podcasts, what to consider before getting started, how to utilize them to generate money, what listeners want in a podcast, and what people can learn from successful podcasts in last week’s #SEMrushchat.

Espree Devora, a member of our community and a guest, shared some helpful hints, thoughts, and things to avoid, which we’ve included here. We obviously couldn’t include every suggestion, but check out the Podcasting Beginners Guide: How and Why You Should Start Podcasting to fill in any gaps you may have after reading the helpful tips below.

Is it a smart idea to start a podcast for any form of business? Why do you believe that?

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes However, I believe it necessitates someone who is at ease and conversant rather than reading from a script. I’d add that putting it to the test could be the best method to determine if you CAN and SHOULD accomplish it.” Jessica Levenson (@jessicalevenson)

“Whether you should start a podcast or not is entirely up to you and your target audience. Is audio a medium in which you believe you can truly shine? Is your target audience interested in podcasts?” — Writers at Express

“Simply because podcasts are popular does not mean they are appropriate for your company. Before you start anything, think about how it will help your product or service and how you can make the most of the marketing channel.” — Austin, Ben

“Yes, provided you’ve got something to say and a conversational tone that matches your brand. No, if you’re thinking about doing it just for SEO or EGO purposes.” — Cox, Simon 

“Certainly. Anyone (remember blogs???) can create a podcast on whatever they choose. Your expectations from the podcast, whether monetary, visibility, conversions, or other factors, must be considered. Starting one with them adds a degree of forethought to the process.” Marianne Sweeny (Marianne Sweeny) “Just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you should. Go for it if you have a terrific theme concept that matches your industry. If this isn’t the case, it’s better not to try to turn a square into a circle.” Daniella Alscher (Daniella Alscher)

“Starting a podcast for any sort of company is a great idea!!!! It’s critical to consider what you want to accomplish first, as well as the value you’ll provide to your listeners. Consider it a technique to create rapport rather than a sales machine.” Espree Devora, Espree Devora, Espree Devora, Espre

What are the top three elements of an ideal podcast in your opinion as a listener?

“I love listening to podcasts that are:

-empathetic -hilarious -true

I’d want to be amused, but not in a manner that makes me feel like I’m listening in on a bunch of friends conversing rather than being spoken to. “I want it to have a genuine human touch to it.” Maddie Clark is a writer.

“Length. 20 minutes is the ideal duration, in my opinion, but it’s difficult to keep it under that. Most dev podcasts, and even some SEO podcasts, go over an hour. You’ll gain more interaction if you break them up into episodes!!” — Cox, Simon 

“Valuing your audience’s attention, purpose-driven material, and being able to effortlessly listen means having it disseminated on all podcast players” are the top three elements of an ideal podcast. Espree Devora, Espree Devora, Espree Devora, Espre

“Yes! The following are my top three favorite features:

Short and to the point. Long podcasts may be beneficial, but not always. Good music for the background. It’s like magic when it comes to enthralling listeners. There is a format. This creates the tone for the podcast and separates it into fascinating chunks.” Masooma —

“The top three characteristics of a podcast are:

  1. Material that is useful and adds value
  2. Professional, well-organized material
  3. “One without a lengthy introduction!” — Christopher Dack

“In my perspective, the best aspects of a great podcast have nothing to do with substance. 1. A predetermined format (to make it simple to follow) 2. Episode notes (ideally with time stamps) for the most important information, particularly to learn about the guests 3. Useful microphones” Rachel Wendte (Rachel Wendte)

What are the most important considerations to make when starting a new podcast?

“Here are a few examples: Is your target audience present? Do you have something special to say? Are you able to maintain a steady pace while being entertaining? Do you have any other places where you may share relevant and high-quality content?” — Cornell, Kendra

“1. Provided equipment (quality) 3. Guests 2. Content/topic strategy 4. Creating/preparing a backlog in advance 7. Plan to repurpose material for site/repurpose site content for/with podcast 5. Publishing calendar 6. Sounds/music to utilize 8. Social media approach (together with a hashtag)” Jessica Levenson (@jessicalevenson)

“1. Decide what you want to achieve. 2. Make a Strategy 3. Put Your Promotions Into Action 4. Make a commitment to yourself 5. Review your quantifiable objectives. Don’t simply sell to the same people or podcast to the same people! Make it meaningful and purposeful. Know what you want to achieve.” Julia Rose —

“- I’m on my way to the content hook. – I’m here for the human voice – I’m coming back for the personality “— Sherman, JP

“Here are a few items to consider: What will be the topic of your podcast? Who are your visitors, and what unique questions will you ask them in order to differentiate your content? What kind of framework will you provide your podcast? Do you have the proper equipment?” Masooma —

“Before establishing a new podcast or any other #marketing campaign, make sure you have the means to keep it continuing. It could be “simple” to put on three or four terrific concerts, but it can’t be added to what you’re currently doing in the long run.” Tod Cordill ([email protected])

How can you convert podcasting into a second source of income?

“- Making a section of the site exclusive to premium members – Ads and sponsorship – Uploading material to YouTube (content monetization) – Selling your services – Affinity for a brand” Jessica Levenson (@jessicalevenson)

“Make sure the podcasts aren’t one-time events; keep them running, just like any other piece of content! Increases brand recognition, which may lead to advertising and collaborations with other companies.” — Webeo International

“Keep in mind that a podcast is not the same as an infomercial.” Reva Minkoff is a fashion designer.

“Sponsorships! They’ll sponsor your podcasts if you can show a brand that your users will buy into anything they’re offering.” Maddie Clark is a writer.

“My advise is to start with the goal of creating your own ‘brand’ voice and thought-leadership $, rather than with the goal of converting it into a ‘for profit’ venture.” Malhar Barai (Malhar Barai)

“Stay persistent, focus on a VERY particular niche, and, most importantly, ASK for sponsorship/contribution/merchandise sales to turn #podcasting into an extra source of income. Most individuals conceal their ask towards the end or don’t mention it at all, and they don’t contact sponsors.” Espree Devora, Espree Devora, Espree Devora, Espre

What are some of your go-to podcasts? What can other aspiring podcasters take away from them?

“I’ve previously recommended @jvn and @daxshepard’s programs. @juiceboxpodcast and @MyFavMurder are two others I’ve loved in the past. Hosts that are passionate about what they’re talking about and devoted to doing research and bringing in the greatest specialists!” Julia Rose —

“@LudicrousFuture (I don’t know much about space, automobiles, or future sci-fi that could be more real than fiction, but these three people can assist). Because it’s hilarious, @Flagrant2NEB.” — Your Highness Bermime

“Here are a few of my favorites (I’m trying to keep it short):

@ManagingEdMag: @CareerContessa: learn how to provide value with personal experiences @ManagingEdMag: see creativity and individuality in action The podcast of @buffer: Examine how you can study and have fun at the same time. @SMExaminer: how to provide a LOT of unique content and a deep dive into the topic @podia’s new podcast: how to be a great host (@jayacunzo) Because there are so many heartfelt tales on @Mailchimp’s podcast!! Storytelling 

— Masooma

“Some of my favorite podcasts… @iSocialFanz FOMOFanz And Be Real Show with @2TALLINmania @CMIContent weekly Wrap @MLLNNLmotivator Social Media Mornings (Recommend) @iSocialFanz FOMOFanz And Be Real Show with @2TALLINmania” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The true-crime podcast @LPontheLeft is fantastic. These guys can teach you a lot about fine-tuning a style since they’ve managed to build their own ‘tone’ through the years that their audience craves.” Emma Lambert is a writer.

“There are so many of my favorite podcasts!” @LiveDieLApod @deathsexmoney @deathsexmoney @CharlieJabaley @SimonRex “Nervous Rex,” @ArlanWasHere’s “Your First Million,” @HarryStebbings “20 Minute VC” Plus @WomenInTechShow @WeAreLATech 😉 “Charlie Rocket Show” @CharlieJabaley @SimonRex “Nervous Rex,” @ArlanWasHere’s “Your First Million,” @HarryStebbings

Lessons other starting #podcasters learn from my fave shows. I learn from shows how to be a better storyteller, how to incorporate music, show duration, show content value, how to engage with audiences. So much can be learned from other shows you admire & enjoy!” —  Espree Devora

“On this one, I’m a little late to the party. You’re missing out if you’re not listening to This Podcast Will Kill You (@tpwky). The vacation from job and avocation listening, as well as so much instruction, was greatly needed.” Marianne Sweeny (Marianne Sweeny)

“Outside of normal news podcasts, my go-to for funsies ones are @RoosterTeeth, @MorningFromHell & @TrueCrimeGuys New podcasters should build their brand before starting, go where you know there’s a successful audience & have a plan.” — Kendra Cornel

Do you have any advice on how to start a podcast? 

Please contribute any podcasting methods, suggestions, or thoughts in the comments section below. If you have any questions, we will contact members of our community and ask them to come and answer them. Every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m. BST, join us for SEMrushchat. 

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Podcasting is a digital audio file that can be distributed over the internet, typically on subscription basis. In 2021, it will have more than 1 billion listeners worldwide. The “who listens to podcasts” is an interesting question that has many different answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before podcasting?

A: There are a lot of things to think about before you start your own podcast. First, there is the technical side-should you use software like GarageBand or Audacity? This might depend on what kind of audio equipment you have available and how much time & money are both important factors for production quality. The other question that needs addressing is who will be doing the voice work in your show-will it just be one persons voice or do you want multiple people voicing different topics? Do any members of your team speak differently than others so they can differentiate characters within an episode when recording? All these questions should help as starting points for organizing ideas between yourself and those around you.

How do I start a successful podcast 2021?

A: The first thing to do is get a microphone and an audio recorder. Next, it would be best if you recorded your voice on the audio recorder so that when people listen to the podcast they will know who said each sentence or word. Once you have this down, start making jokes with friends while recording your voice until others can hear whats going on in the podcast. After all of these steps are done, host a website where everyone could add their own thoughts into what was happening in the latest episode of your show before publishing as often as possible to make sure that there are no holes left for someone else to fill up!

How does podcast 2021 make money?

A: Podcast 2021 makes money by selling widgets to sponsors.

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