Quintessential Mantras for Better Email Marketing

Email marketing has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. Gone are the days of “send one email and sit back, send a hundred and give your business some exposure” – that strategy is no longer viable. Marketers have to be smarter with their messages- here are 10 mantras for better email marketing:

“Mantras” are words that you repeat to yourself over and over again. They can be used as a way to help you stay focused, calm, and centered. They are also a great tool for better email marketing. Read more in detail here: mantras.

According to Adestra’s Consumer Adoption and Usage research, 86 percent of respondents aged 14 to 57 still use cellphones mainly for reading personal emails and 34% for monitoring work emails. This suggests that, even after four decades, email still reigns supreme as one of the most important marketing communication mediums. This isn’t an instant triumph; it’s the consequence of the hard work of many email marketers like you (c’mon, brag a little). You are deserving of a pat on the back).

The need to capture subscribers’ attention and gain their confidence prompted email marketers to devise new ways and apply new technology, resulting in a trend that elevated plain-text emails to the status of ‘Mailable Microsites.’

Chanting these Email Design and Email Marketing mantras may revitalize your email marketing efforts, taking into consideration current trends and advances in the email development sector.

Mantras of Design

Email design is quite significant in terms of subscriber engagement, particularly in businesses like online retail and e-commerce, where appearance is very crucial. A badly designed or aesthetically unappealing email design may turn off a subscriber who has opened your email, causing permanent harm to your brand’s image.

Beginner’s Email Mantra

#1 Cinemagraphs and animated GIFs

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a pertinent animated GIF may convey more information than a paragraph of text. This kind of connection, when paired with a compelling message, may compel a subscriber to click through and convert.

Cinemagraphs are simplified GIFs in which just a single background element moves in contrast to the static foreground components. This generates a dramatic impression that captures email readers’ attention.

#2 Stylized Alt Text and Alternate Text

By default, most email clients block pictures. If your email is merely one single picture that serves as the email content, hero image, and call-to-action button, you’re doomed.

When subscribers open your email, they will see the following heinous mistake.


in place of: 


While an 80:20 text-to-image ratio is ideal to prevent SPAM traps, the very least you can do is provide useful alt text that will be shown on disabled photos. This ensures that your subscribers get the message regardless of the circumstances.


More significantly, include pertinent alt language is the first step in making your email accessible to visually challenged users who use screen readers.

While adding alt text is useful in instances when pictures aren’t visible, it doesn’t imply your email with images disabled has to appear like a stack of Jenga blocks with text written on them. Even when pictures are disabled, some businesses use backdrop colors and other style elements to generate visual imagery.


Intermediate Mantras through Email

#3 Animations and Transitions Using CSS

While GIFs and embedded videos have long been the preferred method of introducing animation in emails, some marketers are now experimenting with CSS-based transitions and animations. With most email clients supporting CSS animation out of the box and more email clients following suit, the benefits of using CSS animations over animated GIFs are significantly larger. Some advantages include:

  • Most commonly used email clients support it.
  • It is possible to loop indefinitely.
  • Lightweight
  • Even with non-supporting email clients, the message is sent.
  • Dependence on designers is reduced.

#4 Emails with a Full-Width Body

Emails were coded in 600px since most displays supported only 1024×768 resolutions till a few years ago. With display resolutions >800px in almost 59.3% of the wide range of display resolutions in current devices, it is time to create an email with email copy within 600px width and rest of the white space covered by the background. Such emails are called full-width emails.

Email programs like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Windows 10 Mail show emails in full width, whilst web clients like Gmail and Yahoo! display emails in 600px, resulting in a win-win situation for both email clients’ customers.

Fun fact: During our Christmas mailer, we at EmailMonks employed CSS-based animations in a full-width email to create a winter wonderland right in our readers’ inboxes.

1636643519_401_Quintessential-Mantras-for-Better-Email-MarketingTo see the live email, just click on the picture.

Veterans’ Mantras through Email

#5 Interactive Features

Javascript was previously not supported in emails due to security issues. When it came to enjoying interactive components, a subscriber’s user experience was a step behind that of a website user. Email developers have been able to duplicate the same interactivity in emails that was previously only available in web pages since 2014, when CSS animation support was enabled to email clients.

By 2016, more and more companies were including interactivity into their marketing emails. In fact, we used Keyframe-based animation in our Christmas newsletters and had a lot of positive feedback. The click rate increased by 74%, with 63 percent clicking on the ‘view online’ link, indicating that our readers wanted to experience the interactivity even if it wasn’t supported by their email clients.

1636643522_781_Quintessential-Mantras-for-Better-Email-MarketingTo see a live email, click on the picture above.

1636643525_140_Quintessential-Mantras-for-Better-Email-MarketingTo see the live email, click on the picture above.

#6 Emails with Live Social Media

In the past, brands have enhanced consumer engagement by providing a live ticker of recent social media postings that refreshes every time the user opens the email. This is a wonderful strategy since it improves social media traffic for companies because subscribers will post on their individual social media platforms and check for updates in their email.

Although these innovations need extensive preparation and meticulous implementation, the end result may significantly improve brand awareness and client engagement.

The Mantras of Marketing

Beginner’s Email Mantras

#7 Use Consistent Branding Guidelines to Create a Unique Branding Identity 

The majority of marketers confuse Brand Identity with Branding Guidelines. Your brand colors, logos, fonts, and other branding assets are called branding guidelines, and brand identity is the process of employing those guidelines to establish a distinct identity that your subscribers can readily recognize. Email tone, brand personality, social footprint, and even sending frequency are all examples of this.

#8 Invest in a Master Template That Can Be Used For Anything

During their customer journey through the sales funnel, an email subscriber gets 14 distinct sorts of emails, ranging from welcome emails to lead nurturing emails to behavioral and triggered emails. Investing in a modular master template lowers the total cost as well as the time it takes to generate these sorts of emails. Although each email sent using a master template may seem similar to the next, the overall benefits outweigh this disadvantage.

Intermediate Mantras may be sent to you.

#9 One-of-a-kind Visually Appealing Template

One-off email templates are the polar opposite of master templates in that they are designed for a specific event or purpose. It is possible to create appealing email designs using one-off templates, which is a nice change from the normal emails your subscribers get or for occasional and seasonal newsletters.

#10 Automated Email Personalization

According to Optinmonster, tailored automated emails have a 75 percent greater open rate than non-personalized ones. Due to a lack of personalisation possibilities, automated emails are renowned for seeming robotic. Customized messages may be delivered to subscribers who are at various stages of the same stage in the sales funnel depending on their customer profiles and online activity using machine learning and sophisticated automation processes.

Expert Mantras through Email

#11 Advanced Personalization with Dynamic Content Emails

Dynamic emails are emails that include specific content blocks whose content is dynamically obtained when the email is opened. This is quite helpful in attaining the amount of personalisation that is impossible to achieve with automated emails, as previously described. In fact, according to an Adobe survey, 77 percent of marketers feel that real-time personalisation in emails is critical. The hero picture in the sample above changes dynamically dependent on the time the email is opened.

1636643527_413_Quintessential-Mantras-for-Better-Email-MarketingTo see the live email, click on the picture above.

Final Thoughts:

Email marketing is a cutthroat business. It’s critical to stand out in a sea of 236 billion emails sent and received every day. These Email Marketing and Design Mantras can considerably assist you in remaining fortunate in 2018 and beyond. Start a discussion by expressing your worries and opinions in the comment section.

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