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What more can you do to enhance traffic and conversions to your website? In our most recent #SEMrushchat, we attempted to address this issue as well as others by doing a real-time site analysis for the website The participants identified key areas of the site that needed to be modified right away during the talk. Here’s what our chat participants had to say in case you missed it; you could learn something useful for your own website!

Q1. What is the one feature about Gulfphotoplus that you would modify at first glance?

On their website, Gulf Photo Plus offers some fantastic photographs. However, there are a few aspects that still need improvement:

1. An unmistakable value proposition

The finest websites are those that showcase the visitor’s value proposition as soon as they arrive. The simpler it is for visitors to comprehend what benefits they may gain from the site, the more likely they are to convert. However, we can observe that this is completely absent from this page.

A1: I don’t really know what this company’s about when landing on the homepage. There is just an image & a menu. No CTA & an image that doesn’t mean anything to me. That all needs clarified.#semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Heather Harvey (@Fizzle Up)

Changing the site layout, adding a solid H1 title, and a better picture that illustrates their value offer would all assist.

A1: Moving the information under the pink banner from the ‘About Us’ page to above the fold on the homepage will at the very least provide consumers with a clearer sense of the company’s mission.

There are some lovely photographs scattered throughout, but it is very busy. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Heather Harvey (@Fizzle Up)

2. Improved user experience

A straightforward UX with easy navigation is another indication of a strong website (that converts); this implies one clear value proposition that catches the user’s attention on a page that is clean and has nice design components. Regrettably, Gulf Photo Plus will have to investigate this as well.

A1 At first sight, the site seems to be overpowering, leaving the visitor with no sense of direction. Also, there isn’t a clear value proposition! #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Perfect Search Media (@Perfect Search)

A1: I don’t know where to begin. A lot of the pages hurt my eyes since they couldn’t concentrate and it hurt to figure out some of the details of what they do. In a matter of seconds, a confused buyer would bounce. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Annette Sugden (@Annette Sugden)

A1: I believe this site needs a thorough redesign in terms of user experience. The components #semrushchat are excessively condensed in the mobile version.

Danny Ray Lima (Danny Ray Lima) July 11, 2018 (@dannyraylima)

Their mobile version is similarly crammed with too many components, and their website is just too cluttered. It features an excessive number of colors and graphics competing for the user’s attention.

A1. There are so many things to do here that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’d want to keep the page simple, with just one conspicuous CTA. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Kim Doughty (@Howdy Doughty)

The A1 header picture on the store page is of poor quality; as a photography site, I’d expect superb photographs to be a focus across the site. #semrushchat

— Emma Lambert, perhaps? (@Emmaaa 95) 11th of July, 2018

3. There is no call to action (Call-to-Action) 

Gulf Photo Plus lacks a strong call to action, which is crucial. Having a clear CTA, a decent H1, or even a picture that communicates the site’s goal might help consumers convert more effectively. “The site is sort bit overwhelming with all those boxes/grids,” @feanAD said. It’s a substantial amount. A straightforward, uncomplicated motif would be ideal.”

A1: The first thing to do is sort the user experience; there is a lack of CTAs and a lack of guidance as to the website’s objective. Is this a decent H1? Something to help the site stand out. Despite the fact that the photograph is fantastic, #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — KhooCommerce (@KhooCommerce)

A1. The website is quite crowded. There is no obvious way to go around the page. I’d reduce the amount of objects competing for the user’s attention by simplifying the layout. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Sarah Weissberger (@skweissberger)

4. Improvements to the blog’s navigation

The blog includes some previous entries that are worth reading, but they are difficult to find. It takes far too many clicks to get there, and fresh material obliterates previously released evergreen information. To make it simpler for users to traverse the site, it requires stronger internal connection structures.

A1 the blog – earlier articles are too far away on the main page – there are too many clicks, thus the excellent evergreen posts fall farther each time a new post is posted. Better internal connection structures are required. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Simon Cox (@simoncox)

5. Page loading time

A slow-loading page is a certain conversion killer. Gulf Photo Plus is in the bottom three of all websites for website speed, according to SEOptimer; this might lose them a lot of traffic and conversions and should be addressed as soon as feasible.

A1: I started by running it through a site performance test. The first step would be to lessen the time it takes for the server to load. It’s in the lowest third of all websites in terms of speed? #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — KhooCommerce (@KhooCommerce)

@HustleLegends advises that they alter the menu and layout to improve the site’s performance.

A1. I would absolutely update the website’s menu, as well as the look. It’s looking hectic and frantic right now. Furthermore, using such a style slows down the website by resulting in a large page size. Conversions are reduced when a website is slow. #semrushchat

—?Legends of the Hustle? (@HustleLegends) 11th of July, 2018


If you want to boost the performance of your website as well, look into site speed optimization approaches.

Your website might be doing one of at least 40 technical SEO blunders. SEMrush’s Site Audit tool is an excellent technique to find SEO components that need to be rectified since manually checking the site for each of the 40 possible errors may be tiresome. This tool’s SEO audit of Gulf Photo Plus’ website revealed three key issues:

  1. When both HTTP and HTTPS material is loaded and shown on the same page, it is referred to as mixed content.

  2. Duplicate Material occurs when the same content appears on many pages; this confuses search engines and may be bad to SEO. If it’s critical that you repeat your material, add a rel=canonical tag to the original page to assist the search engine distinguish between original and duplicate information.

  3. Temporary redirects occur when a user is sent to a URL other than the one intended. The right redirect may make a significant impact in site performance and is an essential part of SEO.

Users will not visit an unprotected site, according to the majority of our conversation participants, therefore mixed content is the most crucial problem to address.

A2: Given that the domain is HTTPS, the mixed content problem would be the most important to address as soon as possible for security reasons. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Marccx Media (@marccxmedia)

A2: You should make mixed content the most important problem to address. Any website’s user safety should always be a top focus. #SEMrushchat

Danny Ray Lima (Danny Ray Lima) July 11, 2018 (@dannyraylima)

Because Google Chrome includes a warning about all unprotected sites, consumers will be less inclined to visit your site, which is certainly not the ideal method to earn their confidence.

A2: I believe the mixed content concerns should be addressed first. Particularly now that Chrome has included a warning for all non-secure sites. Users may be unable to convert #semrushchat as a result of this.

July 11, 2018 — James Leisy (@theJimmyB0b)

A2: The problem of mixed material seems to be the most serious. It’s a good idea to sink your teeth into it first, since the other faults are minor and readily remedied. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Heather Harvey (@Fizzle Up)

A2 The fact that 49 pages have mixed content problems indicates that something needs to be done quickly on their end. After you’ve figured out the large picture, you may move on to the details! #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Perfect Search Media (@Perfect Search)

Since there are only three pages impacted, the next step would be to correct duplicate material. This may be more of a priority in certain circumstances, but since many sites include mixed material, it is not as urgent.

A2 – There are only three duplicate pages, thus the solution is to focus on the 49 problems with mixed material.

However, as others have said, speed is a problem. Perhaps some css rendering above the fold and slow loading. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Simon Cox (@simoncox)

Finally, take care of the temporary redirects. The site has to be corrected since it contains over 300 pages with 301 and 302 redirects. The number of pages with duplicate content problems and meta tag descriptions, on the other hand, is much larger.

A2: 302 redirects 101 pages, 301 redirect 229 pages & 618 pages with canonical issues, 82 pages with long chain redirects, 326 pages with duplicate titles and 2225 are too long, meta descriptions 398 are duplicated & 219 are empty #SEMrushchat #SiteAudit @gulfphotoplus @SEMrush

July 11, 2018 — Alexis Huddart (@Flexoid)


Q3. What should their blog’s purpose be? Is it compatible with the current blog?

The goal of a blog should be to show their knowledge in their field, attract visitors with relevant content, and educate and inspire their readers. They do an excellent job of fulfilling these goals, but there is always space for growth.

A3. Their blog should display their knowledge while also providing high-quality material that attracts their target audience. They now accomplish some of both, but there is space for development in each of these areas. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Sarah Weissberger (@skweissberger)

A3: The blog should function on many levels: it should give information about who they are, the audience they serve, and inspiration. The categories are a nice start, but I’d also remove “lending programs” from the blog. #semrushchat

Danny Ray Lima (Danny Ray Lima) July 11, 2018 (@dannyraylima)

Here are some suggestions about how they may improve:

1. Improve Your Layout

Despite having excellent material, their blog’s design is a major turnoff. It may be enhanced by adjusting the text’s format, trying out different fonts, and experimenting with various page layouts to find what works best.

A3. The site’s content seems to be fine, but the design is terrible. Images that are larger, and text that is in a different format and typeface. Expand your knowledge of the sector. #SEMrushchat

— FeanAD (@24F) on July 11, 2018

It’s also crucial to pay attention to design components. Due to excessively large line lengths (poor readability) and low-quality photos, all of the amazing material is lost.

A3: I believe the goal would be to become an expert in photography training. The content seems to fit, but as you get to the plot, the design ruins everything. Legibility is low due to very lengthy line lengths, and the photos are of poor quality. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — KhooCommerce (@KhooCommerce)

The blog may also be used to enhance the overall layout of the website. Any material on the site that isn’t relevant to the value proposition should be transferred to the blog.

A3: I’m still unsure who the firm is or what it does. Some menu items may be moved to the blog (to free up space in the website header), but it all depends on what they want to prioritize. They now seem to be in a frantic attempt to prioritize everything. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Narmadhaa (@s narmadhaa)

2. Strengthen the Framework

Adding categories to the blog might make it easier for readers to navigate through the numerous blog entries, enhancing the page’s structure.

A3: At the top of the blog page, they declare the goal of the site, but it doesn’t seem to have much of a structure.

They don’t seem to have set clear objectives for their postings, such as what they want readers to do. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Heather Harvey (@Fizzle Up)

H1 tags are also missing from a large number of pages.

They can also include summaries or brief excerpts for each post so that readers can immediately get a sense of what the piece is about; this might improve their UX significantly.

A3: I believe they have chosen the appropriate themes. My major concern, though, is still U/X. There don’t seem to be any descriptions or samples of content. I only discovered how to disclose them by mistake – by rolling my cursor over them. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Annette Sugden (@Annette Sugden)

3. There is no conversion strategy in place.

The blog’s material is undoubtedly targeted, but it isn’t captivating enough to persuade the user to convert. As a result, concentrating on educational material such as tips and recommendations rather than pieces about photographers may be beneficial.

A3: Photographic advice or guidelines, camera suggestions, and maybe less articles about photographers (I find it to be quite niche-specific?). #semrushchat

(@carloscastro 4) — Carlos Castro 11th of July, 2018

This not only makes the material more interesting, but it also gives the site’s visitors additional value.

A3. The blog should be used to deliver value to prospective consumers. Although their material seems to be well-targeted, I’m seeing a high ratio of photographer profiles to educational pieces, which I’d want to reverse so that the content is more engaging. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Kim Doughty (@Howdy Doughty)

It is also vital to discover a strategy to capture the said visitor as a lead after they have attracted a visitor to the blog content. This necessitates the creation of a clear conversion route.

A3: The blog subjects seem to be interesting. They’re establishing themselves as a resource for photographers: top shooting locations, how-tos, and photographer biographies are all easily shared and drive traffic to the site. However, there isn’t an obvious method to convert #semrushchat after it’s on blogs.

July 11, 2018 — James Leisy (@theJimmyB0b)

Understanding the customer journey can also help you make your content more relevant by determining which themes to concentrate on. This method will enable them to generate more intriguing articles and headlines, as well as post them more regularly, in order to increase conversion.

The goal of A3 blogs should be to attract and enlighten prospective customers. Provide users with timely and relevant photography-based material, with a clear headline at the top. Current blog names aren’t as appealing as they might be! #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Perfect Search Media (@Perfect Search)

A3 “Discover new photographers, acquire critical photo advice, access UAE photo resources, and keep aware of the newest news at GPP,” says the blog’s tagline. – that’s all there is to ‘concentrate’ on. If they want more, they should consider the purpose of the site. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Simon Cox (@simoncox)

A3: Given that their website is centered on photography seminars, exhibits, services, and more, concentrating the blog on tips, techniques, profiles, and the like would be the most logical choice. They are already doing so, but they could do it more regularly. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Marccx Media (@marccxmedia)


Q4. What features/UX/Content errors may be causing them to fall behind?

Website features, user experience, and online content are all important factors that influence traffic and conversion. The following are some of the issues that our conversation participants believe are preventing Gulf Photo Plus from reaching its full potential:

1. Features – Each page on the site is very huge, which significantly slows down the site’s pace. Page size reduction and increased site performance are also important priorities. Compressing picture sizes, correcting 404 error pages, and cutting down pages bigger than 3MB may all help.

A4: 404’s not set up well, 480 pages are over 3mb, so I’d consider reducing them down; the photographs could be compressed and then given the choice to see full size since studio photos are several megabytes, which is inconvenient for mobile users; @gulfphotoplus @SEMrush #SEMrushchat #SiteAudit @gulfphotoplus @SEMrush

July 11, 2018 — Alexis Huddart (@Flexoid)

The CTAs might be better defined to make the website more conversion driven. Similarly, the typography in the design hierarchy may be changed, such as utilizing one font and progressively increasing the size of each heading.


1. Site performance and page size – this should be prioritized! 2.Design Hierarchy of Typography: Use type to guide the user’s journey. 3. Content pages with plenty of white space 4. More specific calls to action 5. Improved navigational clarity #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — KhooCommerce (@KhooCommerce)

2. User Experience – The website’s user experience is obviously lacking. The website is convoluted, with far too many conflicting aspects to give an ideal user experience for each visitor. So, simplifying it and delivering clear CTAs may assist to enhance it by stripping it down totally to concentrate on one value proposition.

A4: From a UX point of view they really need to strip the site down & simplify it. Clear CTAs & company information would be a good start.

As others have said, start with your goals. What do you want to achieve from your website & work from there. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Heather Harvey (@Fizzle Up)

A4: Helping visitors understand what you do and how you can assist them is a huge aspect of UX. That isn’t the case with this home page. Someone in this discussion mentioned they had to shut the tab because they couldn’t stand it any longer. This is referred to as a UX failure. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — ThinkSEM (@ThinkSEM)

The most important CTAs and information should be placed above the fold to spare readers from having to scroll down to locate what they’re looking for. This is a crucial part of the website’s UX that needs to be addressed.

A4: The header drop-down menus and carousel are the most distracting above-the-fold UX concerns right away. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Marccx Media (@marccxmedia)

A4: I believe the most important takeaway for me is that they are attempting to be an E-commerce site but are lacking in E-commerce optimization. There are no CTAs above the fold, and there is no significant focus on class registration. That’s not good for an E-commerce business. #SEMrushchat

Danny Ray Lima (Danny Ray Lima) July 11, 2018 (@dannyraylima)

If you’re experiencing similar problems, use these four SEO UX principles to help you create the perfect user experience for your website.

3. Content – Good content and UX are inextricably linked. Changing the hero picture, adding some text, and compressing it, for example, would greatly enhance UX (and also the page load time).

A4: Isn’t the hero picture a little perplexing? , would altering it and adding some information about who they are help the user experience? #semrushchat

(@carloscastro 4) — Carlos Castro 11th of July, 2018

Above the fold, the above advice will guarantee that there are suitable CTAs, providing consumers something to click on.

A4 Almost every page begins with a big photo that takes up the full top fold. Important information and CTAs should be moved above the fold. Please provide me with something to click on! #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Perfect Search Media (@Perfect Search)

Similarly, the content on the site must be mobile-friendly and engaging enough to convert, two factors that impact the site’s UX.

A4. This site was clearly not built with mobile users in mind. The services page is the last place I’m tempted to click from the main page.:/ #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Kim Doughty (@Howdy Doughty)

In the end, it comes down to what the website’s explicit aim is. The easiest solution to solve all of the three-pointers described above is to choose one component and concentrate on it on the site.

A4. I don’t believe there is a problem with any one feature or error; rather, they have chosen to have all of the features, which is the error. From Q1, everyone has been saying, “Simplify!” Pick your best aspects, emphasize them, and make them shine. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Sarah Weissberger (@skweissberger)

If you’re unsure, A/B testing to make data-driven adjustments to the UX and content might be the fastest method to boost conversions.

A4 I’d concentrate on conversion rate optimization (CRO) – we can’t identify what’s preventing people from converting to services and workshops, but I’m sure some UX A/B testing and new visuals will show the road to more’success.’ There is a lot of competition. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Simon Cox (@simoncox)


Q5. What kind of innovative link-building or link-earning strategy could Gulf Photo Plus employ? has 4,675 backlinks from 357 sites, according to SEMrush’s Backlink Tool. While this isn’t a horrible number, the links’ quality should be double-checked.

A5: Pinterest is a no brainer, 4675 backlinks from 357 domains is not bad. Many from the gulf & they get a fair amount of traffic from US (not being utilised) so link build with relevant sources in photography/education/hardware etc#SEMrushchat #SiteAudit @gulfphotoplus @SEMrush

July 11, 2018 — Alexis Huddart (@Flexoid)

Here are a few options for expanding their backlink profile:

1. Community Engagement – They offer a large number of profiles of photographers on their website. Encouraging this community to interact, contribute, and link back to their site will generate high-quality, relevant backlinks automatically.

A5: I believe they should begin with their Photographer Profile, since this is likely to be the fastest approach to obtain earned and organic connections. To be honest, they could do a whole sub-series on this, and it would be a “bank” in terms of connections. #SEMrushchat

Danny Ray Lima (Danny Ray Lima) July 11, 2018 (@dannyraylima)

A5: Collaborative effort. Do they have contacts, profiles, etc. if I require a photographer for a (fill in the blank)? Get some of those photographers to contribute as guest writers. If they have a professional on staff, ask them to contribute to other websites as well. #semrushchat

11 July 2018 — Dean Brady (@deanbrady)

A5: Obviously, guest blogging to share experience, but mostly to develop their own high-quality material. I’m thinking about the old ( ( – it was fantastic stuff, and he was eventually snatched by Google #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — KhooCommerce (@KhooCommerce)

Encouraging these photographers to guest blog on their site and share their skills through guest blog articles on other websites might be effective approaches to get backlinks.

A5. They’ve got a wonderful thing going on their blog by highlighting other photographers. Use this as a chance to connect with their communities and gain connections. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Kim Doughty (@Howdy Doughty)

A5: Make “shareable” material (podcasts, welcome guest blogs) and attempt to acquire some external critiques of their seminars #semrushchat

(@carloscastro 4) — Carlos Castro 11th of July, 2018

2. Diversify Their Channels – Gulf Photo Plus is active on a number of social media platforms, but Pinterest is one that they are missing out on. Because Pinterest relies heavily on photos to tell tales, this might be an excellent route for gaining high-quality connections. Similarly, gathering all unlinked remarks from social media might help boost your backlink profile.

A5: In reality, I’m attempting to get them to collect all of their unlinked mentions in local media, which are largely recent radioshow appearances #SEMRushChat.

— @SeoKungFu (@oрис румов) July 11, 2018

A5: Pinterest is a no brainer, 4675 backlinks from 357 domains is not bad. Many from the gulf & they get a fair amount of traffic from US (not being utilised) so link build with relevant sources in photography/education/hardware etc#SEMrushchat #SiteAudit @gulfphotoplus @SEMrush

July 11, 2018 — Alexis Huddart (@Flexoid)

A reverse image search is a simple technique to locate unlinked/unmentioned stuff that they possess. This option will assist a business in identifying information that is being utilized but not connected to. After that, they may contact the content provider and ask for a backlink to material that they legitimately own.

A5 Not really inventive, but straightforward and effective. See if/who is exploiting their photographs by doing a reverse image search. A simple, courteous, and firm email seeking credit almost always resulted in a link. More images = more opportunities = more connections #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Brett Downes (@tterbsenwod)

Because they provide a wide range of exhibits and seminars, generating promotional hyperlinks to each of them might really benefit them – even if the events aren’t held on a regular basis.

A5: It would be beneficial to build promotional hyperlinks to their workshops or exhibitions, however displays vary and workshops may not reoccur on a regular basis, limiting the impact of such efforts. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Marccx Media (@marccxmedia)

When it comes to link building, it’s crucial to consider if it’s advantageous to invest resources in that activity if they’ve previously outperformed the competition.

A5 They probably don’t need any more links – there are already 7.5k (worth verifying quality), but investing money on link acquisition may not be the greatest use of resources when the competition is behind. Otherwise, look for scholarly resources about where to shoot in the UAE. #semrushchat

July 11, 2018 — Simon Cox (@simoncox)

Furthermore, strengthening internal linking and navigation is more significant than repairing external backlinks, since the former will enhance the site’s UX and conversion rate.

A5: Let’s start with the rational one. They must improve their navigation in order to achieve good internal linkage. Then concentrate on the blog in order to generate both internal and external connections. I admire how they’re already doing something similar with their top photographers postings. #SEMRushChat

July 11, 2018 — Narmadhaa (@s narmadhaa)

Remember that although developing great content that people want to link to is difficult, it is often simpler than getting links.


What do you have to say about Gulf Photo Plus’s site audit? Do you agree with the participants in our chat? Please let me know by leaving a comment!

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