SEO Analysis Increases Global Classroom Community Visibility

The new website is designed to improve the visibility of educational institutions and their classes, while also improving teacher satisfaction with SEO.

The “SEO Analysis Increases Global Classroom Community Visibility” is a blog post about how to increase your community’s visibility through SEO. This article discusses the importance of creating an online presence, and includes steps for creating a website, social media accounts, and blog posts.

It’s time for Episode 2 of the SEO Reality Show. The first episode established a compelling case study about a big trucking firm in the Midwest and its Aimclear agency team. Using Webinomy’s technologies, we learnt about the trucking company’s recruitment issues as well as the primary SEO methods Aimclear picked. 

Episode #2 travels across “The Pond” to look at our second Reality Show case study, Learning With Experts, which deals with the obstacles that an innovative online classroom community faces. Webinomy chose the UK-based Re:Signal agency team for this assignment since they are established SEO professionals and digital marketers. 

Continue reading to learn about the case study’s business issues and the possibilities that arose directly from Webinomy.


LWE is a worldwide classroom community that brings individuals together to learn from skilled teachers and one other.

Learning With Experts, a company led by industry veterans, provides interactive online classes in the disciplines of gardening, food and drink, photography, jewelry, floristry, and antiques. 

  • With the establishment of a horticultural and photography community in 2015, Elspeth Briscoe founded the Elspeth Briscoe Horticultural and Photography Community.
  • In 2020, there will be six categories, 157 courses, and 67 experts to choose from.
  • Beginner to advanced courses are available.


Learning With Experts is not a one-on-one learning experience, but rather a group learning experience. It is a community for anybody who is enthusiastic about these kinds of topics, whether they are searching for a career change or just want to learn more about them.

“Online learning that is sure to make you smile!”

The goal was to raise Learning with Experts’ exposure so that they could steal market share from their competition.

Re:signal is a multi-award-winning SEO firm that specializes in increasing organic traffic.

Their mission is to be the go-to SEO and content marketing firm for forward-thinking businesses. With substantial new customer wins and staff hiring, they have continued to develop from strength to strength. 

Re:signal has a solid reputation in the industry, having won search agency of the year (UK Agency Awards, 2018), Best use of organic search (DADI Awards, 2018), and 13x UK and EU Search Awards (2013-2018). Deloitte Fast 50 UK and Fast 500 EMEA, as well as The Financial Times’ 2018 Top 1000 Growing Companies in Europe. At the EU Search Awards in 2019, Re:signal was crowned the Best Small SEO Agency in Europe.

When they arrived to Re:signal, Learning with Experts had the lowest organic visibility among their rivals. Learning with Experts’ marketing aim has shifted to increasing their exposure in order to compete with their competition.

Re:signal found portions of the client’s content that weren’t performing as well as their rivals’ material. Webinomy gave the team the freedom to make changes in order to enhance search results.

We were able to move rapidly with the execution of advice and understanding where the main issues were thanks to the combination of Webinomy’s technologies, Re:SEO signal’s experience, and the Learning with Experts team.

Learning with Re:signal To boost organic awareness, experts have concentrated on the following areas:

  • By growing the number of linked targeted phrases with high search volume and bridging the gap with the competition, you may identify chances for growth.
  • For important categories and possibilities, visibility/ranking/traffic declines — Investigate the causes of recent declines and protect material on the best keywords for the major categories against future volatility. 
  • Identify chances for site structure enhancement via metadata reviews, speed audits, content audits, IA audits, and link profile analyses. 

To achieve the organic development potential, Learning with Experts and the Re:signal team have established clear objectives and targets. It was designed with a time frame based on SEO consulting and content marketing in mind, indicating the weeks when these areas will be prioritized.

The following table contains further information: 


Webinomy data was utilized by the Re:signal team to influence the production of new material for each of the following emphasis areas: 

  • In the search results, we identified the rivals who outperformed each product category. 
  • What those rivals weren’t doing so well, making them SEO-vulnerable.

This project made use of a number of Webinomy technologies, but three reports in particular were critical to the success of the strategy:

By increasing the number of relevant targeted phrases with high search traffic and bridging the gap with the competition, Re:signal was able to find prospects for growth. 


They were able to find the keywords that their rivals were ranking for but that they weren’t, which we refer to as “not ranking keywords,” using the Keyword Gap tool. They also detected holes in rivals’ tactics and suggested unique keywords for Learning with Experts.

This report was utilized by the team to determine which keywords they were missing in order to reap the benefits of including more keyword variation into their content, as well as to identify chances for keyword ranking improvement in positions #4-10 and #11-51.

In compared to their competition, Learning with Experts had 265 keywords missing, as seen in the graph from the SEMrush analysis. The team discovered significant potential such as “online classes” (2,900), “garden design” (49,500), “cooking lessons” (8,100), and “online fashion courses” (2,900). (880). 


When compared to direct rivals, the number of ranking keywords was the smallest and most constrained. Closing the gap with rivals — particularly for terms with high search traffic and ranking in positions 1-10 — constituted a significant growth opportunity.

By exploiting browser caching and ensuring a cache validator is present for static assets, compressing images, and using and optimizing css/js files, the team was able to discover potential and address existing difficulties. 

The initial audit revealed a few serious issues that needed to be addressed immediately, including: 

  • There have been 28 crawl mistakes that need to be addressed;
  • 35 pages seem to have concerns with mobile usability and should be examined;
  • There are 266 duplicate titles on almost 10% of the crawled pages.
  • There seems to be no canonical tag on 94% of the crawled sites. 


The team used On Page SEO Checker to identify on-page content optimization possibilities and boost performance for the key categories and top converting sites. It was also feasible to find ways to boost their Conversion Rate (CVR) on high-converting parts. The team was able to use this technology to investigate: 

  • The duration of the material
  • Keywords that are relevant are included.
  • How well-informed the material is
  • What kind of information may be accessed on a website?

The agency used this technique to provide content ideas for the Learning With Experts website, including: 

  • There was no distinct main heading on the category landing pages (h1). 
  • In terms of descriptive material, the text was too thin over a few pages. 
  • There are difficulties with metadata. 


The team received real advice for developing completely SEO-optimized content pieces using the SEO Content Template tool. In the tool, we selected goal parameters for geography and device type, and then entered the important keywords we wanted to rank for in our content piece.


Following the data collection, the team received specific suggestions. We were also able to examine how our rivals used our target term in their articles. We could start writing content and analyzing its SEO-friendliness straight in the program after gathering all of the data.


The customer will get ongoing technical help from the agency for the adoption of dev fixes.

Re:signal will also concentrate on link-building possibilities. The team will use the Backlink Gap tool to find chances for Learning with Experts to expand by increasing the number of high authority linking websites and closing the gap with competitors.

The team will use the information from these reports to assist Learning with Experts with content writing and briefing for category pages, as well as content for product pages. They will also focus on recommendations for revamping existing blog content and creating new blog content, including topics and keywords.

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