SEO Case Study: How an Agency Boosted Bakery’s Traffic by 214%

Bakery is a small business that has struggled for years with low traffic. Its owner contacted an agency to help, and 550% increased in organic search visibility in six months.

We’ve been revealing the specific actions a partner agency did to assist an artisan bakery boost their search exposure, attract quality online traffic, and convert site visitors into buyers as part of our SEO Reality Show series.

Since they’ve been on this trip for four months, we’ve produced this case study to share some early findings and ideas with you. 

Client Information

This SEO case study focuses on Edelweiss Bakery.

Edelweiss is a small local bakery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that creates a range of freshly baked foods, such as traditional artisanal bread, European pastries, cafe dishes such as soups and sandwiches, and more. 

They’ve been in business for for 20 years, and while being a popular hangout for locals, they failed to get the organic search traffic they want online. 

The Agency’s Background

Why SEO Serious, an international SEO service, is assisting Edelweiss Bakery with their SEO and website difficulties. 

This firm specializes in both SEO and analytic services when it comes to internet marketing. They use sophisticated frameworks to improve site visitor growth while analyzing behavioral aspects and doing daily monitoring.

The Obstacle

The main issues for Edelweiss Bakery were a lack of online and offline orders, as well as lower than anticipated brand presence online and in search engines – issues that were directly affecting their company. 

The Alternative

We joined Edelweiss Bakery with Why SEO Serious firm for an SEO Reality Show Series so they could work together to overcome the technical and strategic difficulties blocking the bakery from achieving the exposure and sales they desired.

Edelweiss’ difficulties and goals were evaluated, and the agency recommended eight optimization strategies that may assist them overcome them. 

  1. Investigate your competitors.
  2. Investigate link-building possibilities.
  3. Improve the structure of the bakery’s website.
  4. Conduct keyword research for the homepage of the site as well as its broader digital presence.
  5. Conduct an SEO audit from a technical standpoint.
  6. The webpage of the bakery should be redesigned.
  7. Optimize the meta title and meta description for the bakery. 
  8. Register for local directories and update the bakery’s Google My Business page.

The Process of Implementation

Here’s a quick rundown of what the agency accomplished at each stage of the strategic optimization process. We’ve linked to the individual blog article that focuses on the agency’s strategy and tactics for a deeper look into each execution process. 

1. Conduct a competitor analysis 

In the first installment of this series, we discussed how the agency assisted Edelweiss in better understanding who their true online rivals are. This was accomplished by use web tools to locate top achievers in the same business who were ranking for comparable keywords. 

Competitor research not only assisted the agency in identifying the bakery’s competitors, but it also assisted the bakery in recognizing that their most important online competitors were distinct from their local, offline competitors. 

The following are the tools that the agency utilized to find organic internet competitors: 

The specifics may be found here.

2. Look for chances to develop connections. 

The agency discovered which keywords and pages helped competing sites gather the most traffic in episode 2 of our series, as well as how backlinks contributed to generating that traffic. 

Their goal was to assist Edelweiss in developing a strong backlink profile by obtaining more connections to their site pages from other sites, increasing their domain authority (DA) score, and helping them rank better in search results. The agency’s objective was to analyze Edelweiss’ link profile and hunt for fresh prospects for backlinking. 

The following are the tools that the agency utilized to uncover chances for the bakery to create links:

Details may be found here. 

3. Make the bakery’s website more user-friendly.

The third stage of the agency’s procedure focused on upgrading the website structure of Edelweiss. The objective was to make sure that every possible entrance point was adequately optimized in order to appeal to a larger number of people.

The bakery would have more options to appeal to their target consumers if the site structure was broader and wider.

The firm proposed that the bakery’s website’s structure be improved by lowering the number of pages and sections and adding more relevant material to the current ones.

The agency employed the following tools to create a more effective site structure for Edelweiss:

Details may be found here.

4. Conduct keyword research for the homepage and general digital visibility of the site.

The firm concentrated on keyword research for the bakery’s homepage to assist Edelweiss get the correct traffic to their site. 

They produced a list of relevant, high-intent key words in conjunction with the bakery. This keyword list was then utilized to direct the content of the bakery’s homepage as well as the meta title and meta description.

Keyword research for Edelweiss’ main page was conducted using the following tools:

Details may be found here. 

5. Conduct an SEO assessment on a technical level. 

The agency did an SEO audit to ensure that Edelweiss was not losing out on possibilities to boost its SEO ranking potential.

The firm obtained a deeper understanding of where Edelweiss’ website was faltering beyond keywords and site layout by assessing the technical status of the bakery’s website, and generated a list of concerns for the site’s developer to fix. 

The firm utilized the following tools to perform an SEO audit on Edelweiss’ website:

Details may be found here.  

6. Create a new webpage for the bakery. 

The firm was able to use the previously gathered data to update and enhance Edelweiss Bakery’s homepage after completely researching and sorting through it. 

They designed a new homepage mockup that appealed to all segments of the bakery’s target demographic while also increasing site performance on desktop and mobile.

The firm utilized the following tools to produce a mockup of a new homepage design for Edelweiss:

Details may be found here.  

7. Make the bakery’s meta title and meta description more appealing. 

After completing the redesign of Edelweiss’ site, the agency concentrated on establishing a new meta title and meta description for their homepage in order to boost their SERP position and click-through rate. 

They drew on their previous keyword research and paid special attention to search intent. 

For the baker’s new home page, the following tool agency was used to build a good meta title and meta description:

Details may be found here.  

8. Register for local directories and update the bakery’s Google My Business page.

The revamping of Edelweiss’ Google My Business (GMB) page was the penultimate phase in the agency’s effort to boost their online visibility.

To assist expand the bakery’s reach, the agency employed an automated method to submit the bakery’s information to new registries, resulting in a more well-rounded digital presence. 

The agency employed the following tool to automatically publish the bakery’s company data to the most authoritative directories:

Details may be found here. 


After you start a new SEO campaign or make substantial adjustments, three months is usually a reasonable timeline to begin reviewing outcomes, since this is about how long it takes to see the actual effect of such modifications. 

However, the bakery team took a little longer to execute the proposed website upgrades in this partnership between Why SEO Serious and Edelweiss. For example, just four of the agency’s eight technical recommendations had been executed within the three-month deadline. The other four are currently in the works. The largest problem in this example, in terms of measuring outcomes within a specified time period, was the client’s implementation of changes.

The good news is that the bakery is already experiencing favorable outcomes after implementing just half of the proposed improvements. 

The organization was able to make improvements to the quality and number of linkages during this four-month time frame. Organic traffic and ranking positions for many keywords increased as a consequence of their efforts. The graph below shows the dispersion of rankings for the keywords Edelweiss want to rank for. 

Webinomy’s Organic Search report provided the following data:


On May 2021, the following keywords will be used: quantity, quantity, quantity, quantity, quantity, quantity

On August 2021, the keyword quantity will be used.










SEO-Case-Study-How-an-Agency-Boosted-Bakerys-Traffic-byWebinomy’s Position Tracking tool provided statistics on position dispersion.

Clicks from organic traffic might be beneficial.

August’s Organic Traffic Clicks



Between May 2021 and August 2021, organic traffic increased by 214 percent, from 337 to 1057 clicks.

1636670005_588_SEO-Case-Study-How-an-Agency-Boosted-Bakerys-Traffic-byOrganic Research Tool: Traffic Distribution

Despite the fact that only half of the advised enhancements have been adopted by the customer, the effects have been favorable and noteworthy so far. With the extra improvements in place, we expect Edelweiss’ website to run even better. 

Next Up

We’ve gotten early results for the bakery in our SEO Reality Show, but we’re not done yet! Yes, further optimization processes are still in the works! Keep an eye out for our next set of videos, in which the agency creates and optimizes a brand new baking blog!

How to Increase Organic Traffic by 214 Percent (Infographic) 


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