SEO Case Study: How US Trucking Company Got 60% Organic Increase In Just 3 Months

A US trucking company was able to grow their organic traffic by 60% in just 3 months and increased the conversion rate of visitors from 1.5% to 5%. They followed a long-term strategy that involved adding new content, optimizing their site for search engines, and monitoring analytics data.

Trucking news is an industry that has been around for a long time. In order to stay competitive, US Trucking Company wanted to increase their organic traffic and sales. In just 3 months, they were able to get a 60% increase in organic traffic. Read more in detail here: trucking news.

SEOs spend their days in the trenches, utilizing tools like Webinomy to help them make important choices, increase exposure, and outperform competition for high-value searches. Glamorous? Perhaps not. When you think about it, SEO is really rather interesting. All of the elements that create excellent reality television are present here: powerful, impactful, and honest. 

We check in with the team at Aimclear as they service the customer we connected them with, a major American trucking corporation in the upper Midwest, in SEO Reality Show Episode #3. 


To review the last episode’s challenge, Halvor Lines is a leading trucking firm situated in Wisconsin that transports goods and commodities throughout the continental United States and Canada.

For prospective drivers, Halvor’s value proposition is enormous:

  • Pay is competitive.
  • New fleet is fantastic.
  • Excellent routes
  • Company culture that prioritizes drivers

The following are some of Halvor’s business challenges: 

  • Market for transportation is very competitive.
  • High-demand drivers 
  • Job seekers use Google to accomplish a lot of their job searches.
  • Ranking high in the search engine results pages (SERPs) has proven difficult.

The Aimclear crew chose to assist Halvor in defeating his opponents at their own game. Webinomy was enlisted by Lea, Aimclear’s SEO head, to assist Halvor with a number of important choices. 

In the last episode, we discovered how Aimclear began following and monitoring Halvor Lines’ growth, as well as how keyword research laid the groundwork.

In this episode, we go further into the steps of the process and show how technologies may be used to solve comparable problems.


She began by looking at what phrases her rivals were ranking for in the SERPs. The team was able to immediately examine what search keywords were being used to link potential drivers with other trucking companies using the Keyword Gap tool. She was able to determine what keywords were missing, which ones were distinctive, and which ones may give tremendous possibility by entering the domain and domains of rivals into the application. 



As a consequence of the insight, a complete list of 77 keywords was created to aid in content generation. 

With a list of keywords in hand, the team began to add the new keywords to key pages on Halvor’s website in order to connect with truck drivers looking for work and those looking to finish their training and obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which is required for anyone who wants to drive a big rig. 

Both Lea and the customer are skilled at developing useful material. They rewrote the material to incorporate high-volume keywords as well as phrases with lesser traffic but high purpose. The keyword gap research revealed the significance of both sorts of keywords, allowing content authors to stay focused on the relevant phrases. 


The team began creating new material after upgrading many pages of current information. “What questions do truck drivers ask that current information does not answer?” Lea had a burning task in mind. Aimclear’s team used Webinomy’s Keyword Overview tool to confirm that the term “How to become a truck driver” had a high volume and extremely high intent. 


Lea and the client cooperated on specific new material leveraging the keyword phrase in headers and body text, now that they had more information.

Six pages of fresh material had been published in little over a month and were doing well in the SERPs. 

Continuous monitoring was essential while working hard to update old material and produce totally new stuff. The team was able to keep a close eye on progress and traffic flow by using the Position Tracking Tool. Return to Episode 1 of the podcast to see how the team launched the Halvor Lines Position Tracking tool.


By day 60, the new material had maintained its position in the search results, and the search engines had begun to rank Halvor content for 12 more related keywords. By just entering Halvor’s domain name in the Organic Research Tool and clicking ” Positions Report,” it was simple to discover. With the material and resources, the team launched a “lather, rinse, repeat” procedure. 

The repeated procedure makes it simpler to stick to a tried-and-true strategy, resulting in a growing and keyword-rich site that is well-positioned to keep competition at bay. 

Okay, tremendous growth in the SERPs is always encouraging, but it’s even more important to keep a watch on the competition (in this instance, we anticipate many rivals to be scratching their heads, wondering “what the???”)

The team entered those new keywords into the Position Tracking tool to keep an eye on their rankings and compare them to rivals. The team devised a game plan for the next wave of new, relevant content by assessing sites based on the extra keywords. 


Halvor had exceeded its initial list of rivals three months (day-90) after commencing the program, and Lea and the client felt that they were ready to take on even greater competitors and goals. 

The team returned to Webinomy Organic Research’s Competitors report and questioned the client about their understanding of the competitive environment. The new competition list that resulted was a potent blend of Halvor’s strategic expertise with Webinomy data.


The team has added new rivals to the Position Tracking tool as the list of new competitors has been developed – monitoring and analyzing dynamics is an important part of the process.

The team had done an entirely new gap analysis of this bigger batch of rivals for an even deeper list of highly targeted keywords for yet ANOTHER wave of fresh content ten short days later. It’s time to “lather, rinse, and repeat!”

Now the team was focusing on a wider range of keywords, including niche terms with low volume but strong intent, as well as some monster terms that the search engines’ AI identified as connected. One of those monster keywords was the “near me” phrase (22,000 volume), which was linked to another core word that was just starting to rank. 


Making fresh content that aligned with searches was vital, but Lea and the Aimclear team also recommended making important SEO technical adjustments to the Halvor Lines website, including resolving several basic flaws discovered by the Webinomy Site Audit tool. Lea went to Webinomy’s Projects section and followed the steps outlined below to set up her project. The program showed the most important topics to address in minutes, including:

  • Taking care of the problem of speed
  • Core Web Vitals Auditing
  • Implementing data structure
  • Filling in the blanks in the meta descriptions
  • Meta title completion
  • Making news where none previously existed

Lea checked through the problems and forwarded them to Trello, which created an automated action plan to address them.



These changes made an immediate effect, but they also revealed the need for a completely new website for Halvor’s transportation and logistics companies, which is next on the agenda!


The greatest way to gauge the success of a trucking company is to look at the results of….wait for it….TRUCKS and DRIVERS!

  • In contrast to a usual order of 150-200 tractors each year, Halvor acquired almost 225 brand new, stunning vehicles. 
  • For the first time in the company’s history, Halvor surpassed 600 drivers, an increase of around 8%. 

In terms of recruitment, Halvor boosted organic candidates from 62 to 100 in only three months, or a 61.29 percent gain. 


A corporation like Halvor has a massive economic effect. Communities need high-paying occupations with retention rates that exceed regional and national standards. Connecting top drivers with one of the greatest trucking businesses around provides for a terrific career for the drivers. 

Webinomy may provide game-changing outcomes in direct support of business goals when used by savvy SEOs representing businesses that are prepared to try new things. It only requires a desire to get down and dirty. And it’s really satisfying when it works so well!

Every SEO and customer is unique, with varied degrees of SEO expertise and experience. Webinomy makes it simple for any SEO to conquer the problems mentioned above. Let’s go through the processes again and offer some instances of particular tools that may assist you in succeeding:

Keyword Gap as a tool

  • Make a list of the keywords that your rivals rank for.

SEO Writing Assistant is a useful tool (Google Docs plug-in)

  • Recommendations in real time, such as reducing lengthy paragraphs and incorporating additional keywords

Keyword Magic Tool and SEO Writing Assistant are two useful tools.

  • Enter a description for your audience, then click “Question Keywords” to uncover the questions they’re asking!
  • More suggestions, such as adding picture descriptions, may be found in the SEO Writing Assistant.

Position Tracking as a Tool

  • To keep track of competition, you’ll need a visual and data-driven context.

Organic Research as a Tool

  • To locate other keywords, enter the domain name into the tool and click “Positions Report.”

Overview of the Position Tracking Tool

  • Keep an eye on your competition while keeping an eye on your own development!

Organic Research as a Tool

  • Examine the report about competitors. Work your way upwards as soon as you’ve dominated your first competition!

Keyword Gap as a tool

  • Return to the Keyword Gap tool and check what the new competitors rank for now that there are additional rivals in the mix.
  • Publish fresh, keyword-rich material.

Domain Overview (tool)

  • As you climb the SERPs, Google’s AI will figure out which additional terms you should be ranking for. 

Audit of the site

  • Almost every website need some SEO TLC. The site audit tool has an intuitive user interface. A lot of the solutions are QUICK fixes!

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