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Brands have long been in the business of signaling to consumers that they are different from all others, which is why using a simple word can lead to significant gains. The problem with this approach is when you’ve exhausted your own options and still need some differentiation. Enter A:
Introduction: B Braun Medical Inc offers an enormous variety of surgical instruments for surgeons worldwide. With over 4000 products available, their site has 17 pages worth of product information about each one without any advertising or marketing materials at all – just text links on every page. One day someone came up with the bright idea of adding banner ads around a few search boxes asking doctors what equipment they needed most right now so it could be sent out quickly and efficiently!
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Introduction: Teaming up with four other top agencies across Europe and Australia, BBDO Melbourne delivered its annual report as part of an integrated campaign called “The Future Is Now” where their creative work was conceived by global agency Tribal DDB London who used both digital platforms (Facebook) and print advertisements (Time Out). This year’s report featured two VR experiences that allowed users to explore future spaces influenced by current trends such as artificial intelligence.”

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Working in an organization or running a company may be hectic and fast-paced. It might be daunting if you’re in charge of marketing and need to drive consumers to your website for conversions and purchases. A Calendar of Marketing Events is one of the most useful tools you can utilize. 

As all effective market research is done, your Calendar of Marketing Events may help you keep track of obtaining, evaluating, and presenting solid data. The calendar will also show you when to create content, launch your next campaign, and evaluate the outcomes.

We’ll go through how Calendar of Marketing Eventss operate, why you need one, and five templates you can use to create your own to get you started. 

What is the purpose of a Calendar of Marketing Events?

A Calendar of Marketing Events serves as a visual depiction of upcoming marketing activities as well as a central location for everyone participating in the marketing process to check in, manage their obligations, and track project progress. 

You may use a paper calendar, design your own on a whiteboard, or use an electronic calendar that individuals can update or contribute ideas to whenever they like.

Your Calendar of Marketing Events might serve as a roadmap for the next months or the full year. A calendar gives you a strategic outlook that you may change as needed. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have more time to put your plans into action in a manner that benefits your team and consumers.

What is the purpose of a Calendar of Marketing Events?

A Calendar of Marketing Events ensures that you don’t forget about your marketing budget, ideas, or procedures.

Having your chores spelled out for you may assist you in delegating, planning your day, and accomplishing your goals. A Calendar of Marketing Events may also be used to show people what’s going on right now and what’s coming up in the future. 

The following are some of the questions that your Calendar of Marketing Events can answer:

  • Are there any marketing initiatives that are specific to the season?
  • Are there any holiday marketing strategies in place, such as for Christmas or Valentine’s Day?
  • Do you have any sales-related marketing efforts, such as Black Friday?
  • Are there any unusual holidays or national days that you’d want to highlight?
  • Do you know of any upcoming firm announcements that need marketing or public relations?

The most crucial reason to have a Calendar of Marketing Events is to keep track of your deadlines. You can track the development of your marketing campaign and who is in charge of each step.

Plan and Align Your Marketing Campaigns & Activities

With the Webinomy Calendar of Marketing Events, you can plan your marketing strategy ahead of time.

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What is a Calendar of Marketing Events and How Does It Work?

A Calendar of Marketing Events works similarly to a standard calendar in that it allows you to enter key dates (such as birthdays and anniversaries), schedule events, and arrange meetings. The calendar, on the other hand, is centered on market research and marketing initiatives.

There are other sorts of Calendar of Marketing Eventss, which we’ll go over in detail later. Your calendar’s purpose will most likely reflect how you utilize it. Your Calendar of Marketing Events may be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • You may schedule your social media posts for the day.
  • You may plan 6-week marketing campaigns.
  • You may commemorate your company’s or field’s anniversaries by entering dates.
  • It is possible to plan out blog content for the following 12 months.
  • You may add birthdays to your calendar.

After you’ve chosen the calendar’s purpose and added dates, action items, and other details, you may check in at the beginning of each month or week. 

Consider the following scenario:

  • You see that you have a deadline for an article on how Webinomy may assist you with SEO. Do you have any marketing industry contacts you could interview? You may call them and schedule an hour of their time in two weeks to meet and talk. You’d schedule your interview on your calendar to remind yourself of it, and you’d let your colleagues know where you’d be. 
  • You arrange time for research and the creation of interview questions in the days leading up to the interview. You set aside some time after the interview to transpose the audio and take notes for the article.
  • You set a deadline for finishing the first draft and assign someone to beta read and proof it for you. This other person must accept the calendar invitation in order for everything to be recorded and posted on the board.
  • That individual calls in ill the day before the beta read and nominates someone else to beta read. The calendar is being updated.

You can see how having a single point of reference and a timeframe may be beneficial to your company. 

What exactly do I need from a Calendar of Marketing Events?

To keep your marketing objectives in sight, you’ll need the following components in your Calendar of Marketing Events:

  • Don’t make your project’s naming convention overly convoluted. People should be able to understand what you’re saying without having to look it up. You can also color code the name to make it stand out aesthetically and make it easier to discover on the calendar.
  • Members of the team: Who is in charge of this project? Each project has its own staff, even if you have a marketing department. You can check who is on numerous teams and whether the burden is too high if there are many projects.
  • The project will go online on the following date: As you prepare, you’ll have a goal to shoot at. You may also use the deadline to determine when you should monitor and assess your campaign’s metrics. 
  • Tasks to complete: Make a list of them and assign a deadline for them to be completed. All tasks, no matter how little, must be documented.
  • Who is in charge of the project: Assign accountability for specific tasks. This will allow you to keep track of your team’s workloads and completion times, as well as allow team members to assist one another.
  • Reports and notes on the campaign’s effectiveness: Keeping reports and notes on a campaign connected to your calendar might be a smart idea. You can assess the project’s worth by looking back at previous campaigns.

The 5 Most Common Calendar of Marketing Events Types

A calendar may be used in a variety of ways, and there are several calendar templates available. We’ve compiled a list of the five best types of Calendar of Marketing Eventss to utilize, as well as a downloadable template to get you started. 

Calendar of Marketing Events

This Calendar of Marketing Events offers a high-level view of your marketing strategy for the next month, quarter, or year. It includes any kind of marketing that you’re doing, whether social media, digital marketing, content marketing, and so on.

It also tracks any market research you’re doing, with the presentations and the results included. Get the 12 month Calendar of Marketing Events here. 

Calendar of Marketing Campaigns

Unlike a Calendar of Marketing Events, a Calendar of Marketing Campaigns focuses on a single campaign. You’ll only use this calendar to keep track of the tasks and team members necessary for a particular campaign.

A limited focus allows for more depth — you’ll be able to prepare everything from pre-campaign research to post-campaign analytics. 

You can focus on media channels for just one project, which can make project management less hectic. Focus your energy on one project, and avoid spreading yourself too thin with multiple projects on one calendar. Get the Calendar of Marketing Campaigns template here.

Email Calendar of Marketing Events

This sort of calendar might be useful if you’re conducting a subscription or EDM campaign. This calendar may be used to schedule when emails are sent. You may also provide information about your target email list and where they are in the process. 

This kind of calendar is can be good for reminders to send emails out to your list about special offers or news updates. Get the email Calendar of Marketing Events template here. 

Calendar of Publications

An Calendar of Publications works best for planning out Posts on the blog and other editorial content.

Regularly updating your website with SEO-rich content is a guaranteed way to boost your Google rankings, but you need to do it consistently. An Calendar of Publications can map out what content to create, and when to publish it.

The following are examples of editorial content:

  • Posts on the blog
  • Infographics
  • Reports on the Convention
  • Opinions and news
  • White Papers are a kind of document that is used to

Creating various types of editorial material takes varied levels of effort and expertise. A calendar may help you figure out how much time you’ll need. A white paper that includes research and interviews will almost certainly take longer to write than a 1000-word blog post. These factors should be considered and represented in your editorial content schedule.

If you need some tips on how to get started with blogging, check out our guide on how to write a blog post. Get started with the Calendar of Publications template here.

Social Media Calendar of Marketing Events

Having a separate social media schedule is an excellent idea with all of the social media outlets accessible nowadays. 

Your calendar should be divided into the several channels you utilize. You’ll need different calendar pages for each social media platform if you’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Color labeling the channels is also beneficial.

What you publish and how frequently you post will vary every channel, but they must all help your brand. 

This is why a social media Calendar of Marketing Events is such a powerful tool. You can run posts for different channels at different times. With some tools, you can post directly to your social media channels automatically.

With your calendar, you can schedule posts and plan out your social media presence. Here’s where you can get started with our social media calendar template.

Using an offline calendar vs. using an online calendar

Now you’re thinking that having a Calendar of Marketing Events is a good idea. An important question to consider is whether to work with a printed or digital calendar.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but either may work for you. Here are a few distinctions to think about: 

Offline Calendar of Marketing Events

Putting your thoughts on paper may be a visually stimulating process. Offline calendars are available in a variety of formats. You could, for example, display a ream of paper on the wall, which would be accessible to everyone in the company. 

Alternatively, you may print a pdf calendar and fill it in as needed, keeping it only where your staff can view it. Make duplicates so that it may be sent around without requiring anybody to use the same app or have access to the internet.

Some individuals are more productive when they use a pen and paper. There’s no risk of software failure or corruption, and taking notes is as simple as writing on the calendar.



No need for separate applications if you have the document in hand.

Calendars of team members cannot be updated.

Working with a pen and paper creates a bond.

There isn’t any integration with other applications.

There will be no unintended updates or modifications.

Something that must be carried about yet may be forgotten.

Online Calendar of Marketing Events

An online calendar is more accessible, shared, and equipped with additional features. You may share the document with members of your team so that they can view it from wherever there is an internet connection.

You may use Google Docs or Google Sheets to create an online calendar, or you can utilize online Excel spreadsheets. If you can have specialized software and applications created for your organization, go ahead and use them.

You may print your calendar and take it offline if necessary, with all of the benefits listed above.



It may be accessible from anywhere on the internet.

To get access, you’ll need permissions or software.

Can be used in conjunction with other applications to provide a more comprehensive user experience.

It might be a long learning curve or training is required.

Calendars may be printed for hard copy copies.

You may not be able to view the calendar if you don’t have internet access.

The calendar’s customization may be altered.

Some services may need a subscription fee.

What happens when you have a great Calendar of Marketing Events?

Business works well when you have a schedule that matches your marketing requirements.

A well-structured calendar can encourage you, help you keep to deadlines, improve your SEO with frequent content updates, and increase your sales through constant marketing whether you are a lone trader or manage a company for yourself.

If you work on a marketing team, a solid calendar will clearly illustrate task delegation, what is due, and when it is due, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

A good Calendar of Marketing Events can inspire more ideas based on the ones you already have. It can also help reposition campaigns if there are better times of the year to run them.

Ultimately, a great Calendar of Marketing Events becomes a vital part of a well-oiled marketing machine. It makes running bigger easier and empowers team members to know what role they play, suggest ideas, track their efforts, so much more.

Important Points to Remember

It’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced dynamic of the internet world and media consumption, worrying about what to say, when to promote, and how to communicate your message. Organizing this knowledge systematically may help you relax and get a competitive advantage.

While it may take some time and expertise to set up and get up and running, the benefits are well worth the effort.

Plan and Align Your Marketing Campaigns & Activities

With the Webinomy Calendar of Marketing Events, you can plan your marketing strategy ahead of time.

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