Top 5 Conference Best Practices

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The “team meeting best practices” is a conference that can be held to discuss and plan out the best ways to get the most out of your team. It’s important to have a clear goal for each meeting so you can make sure you’re getting everything done.

Conferences are a great way to network, learn from your peers and develop new skills. However with the rapidly increasing number of conferences in recent years, finding value in attending has become more difficult. This post will explore some top conference best practices you can implement when planning for your next event

The digital marketing business may often convey the idea that all that counts is online communication. Of course, without digital technology, you won’t be able to reach out to your users and consumers all over the globe, but what about making human relationships for the purpose of your business?

“85 percent of your financial performance is related to your talents in ‘human engineering,’” according to the Carnegie Institute of Technology – your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. According to Forbes, just 15% of your success is related to your technical understanding.

Offline events, on the other hand, provide marketers with the finest opportunity to showcase their best personal traits, meet new people, and uncover new business prospects!

SEMrush employees visited over 50 marketing events last year, spanning the world from the United States to Turkey. For us, it’s critical to sponsor events in which we believe in the organizers’ mission – to give the finest atmosphere and data for future development. Today, we’d want to share some of the best practices that have helped us connect with our audience and build strong relationships. Check out our top five conference best practices if you want to improve your human engineering abilities and get the most out of your offline events this year.

1. Engage in a Two-Dimensional Approach

A coffee break isn’t the only time you may strike up a conversation with someone. Although conference lectures are important, there is still time to offer your thoughts and make new contacts through Twitter during these sessions. Reply, like, and retweet! During offline events, I’ve made a lot of contacts using Twitter.

Top-5-Conference-Best-PracticesTwitter makes it much simpler to start a face-to-face discussion. Mentioning that you follow the person you’re chatting to on social media or that you like their tweets makes them feel immediately connected to you.

Another advantage of tweeting during the event is that your followers will be more engaged. You are functioning like a broadcast journalist, a source of information and fresh ideas, by providing them with breaking news firsthand.

2. Make use of visuals

It is unnecessary to explain why images are vital, but they are crucial for more than simply your content! We’ve devised a simple axiom: There can never be too many photographs! Tag individuals in your images and utilize them in summary blog pieces and on social media. This strategy may be easy, but it will undoubtedly aid in increasing the engagement of your material.

First and foremost, individuals like sharing photos of themselves. So create a setting where individuals may pose for the greatest, or at the very least the funniest, image of their life. All you’ll need is a bright or colorful backdrop, a few props, and a professional camera or selfie stick. A photo booth is a terrific alternative if you want to go big. One of the most essential advantages of a photo booth is the opportunity to immediately post images on social media.


There’s only one little issue with asking strangers to pose for a photo with you at your booth — it’s a touch strange! How frequently do you want to snap a photo with a stranger or in front of a brand logo you’ve never heard of? That’s exactly what I was thinking. The trick is to engage your guests right away, or to amuse them with a fast game, quiz, or lottery. After that, you won’t feel obligated or out of place if you ask for a photo.

However, the narrative does not finish here. Spend some time crafting something “picturable” – something people will want to share with their friends and colleagues – whenever you sponsor or organize a conference. It’s not need to set up an installation; it’s as simple as pie!

3. Surprise your audience!

When it comes to sponsoring events, it’s typically enough to just establish a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees to network, communicate, and have a good time. But what if you want to wow everyone and make something monumental?

Spending money on something incredibly costly, lavish, and over-the-top solely to show off your position and relevance is one of the worst blunders we’ve seen at conferences. However, all those racing cars, lighting displays, and stands that seem to be dramatic décor say nothing about your company and have no effect on audience engagement.


You should treat your presentation like a birthday gift if you want to surprise your audience. What do you think your buddy would like at their birthday celebration? Something participatory, emotive, and able to bring everyone together and create a joyous atmosphere.

Organize a party. Inspire everyone to dance by entertaining them.

4. It’s Not About the Money, It’s About the Relationship

The same criteria apply to physical events as they do online — you can’t purchase an audience’s trust with freebies or by handing them free accounts. You need to do something offline that is mainly about people, something that will transform attendees into active participants and assist your business and the event audience form a long-term connection.


Plan participatory activities based on the event theme, such as asking attendees and presenters to express their best wishes for the event anniversary on a wish wall. The audience at a more themed event would be delighted to give their knowledge as well as tips and ideas on a certain issue. Remember to photograph attendees and caption them with their finest recommendations, then share them to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #event.


Consider thinking outside the event’s boundaries – create an event-related poll on social media, or just walk outside and ask passers-by what they think about the event’s name or what a certain theme means, for example.

5. Obtain Video Content

Every industry convention is an excellent chance to create new and intriguing material. Many columnists and bloggers attend a variety of events on a regular basis in order to gather material from those sessions and convert it into post-event writing.

After your previous event, how many identical recaps did you read? Always present your stuff in a distinctive manner!


Video content goes viral quicker than any other kind, and it may help you improve your content marketing outcomes. Make advantage of its possibilities in both online and offline events. Prepare a list of all your pressing industry questions and conduct brief interviews with event presenters and attendees. This might enable you not only create unique content, but also engage with thought leaders and industry experts, and build a long-term connection with them that can lead to a number of beneficial consequences for you and your company.

We hope you’re ready to take on this event season, and we’ll see you there!

The “best practices for leading a team” is a list of top 5 conference best practices. These are the most effective ways to lead a team.

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