Top Search Conferences You Must Attend in 2019

Conferences and events are no longer the best way to find opportunities and connect with new people. One of the top conferences this year is “The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing” which takes place in October. If you’re looking for a conference that will help your marketing career take off, register now!

The “medical conferences 2021” are events that are attended by professionals in the medical field. The conferences typically have a focus on education and networking.

Another year has gone, bringing with it a slew of fresh search marketing trends and adjustments. Every week is a lifetime in the search industry, and as search marketers, we never stop learning. We must remain current by following the newest tweets, keeping up with search conference reports, watching Google’s In-Office Hours Hangouts, and so on. We are continuously surrounded by fantastic ideas from case studies, research, and surveys.

We can’t get enough, and it’s difficult to stay up! Combining a terrific business trip with the chance to learn from and witness real-life influencers in action on stage is one of my favorite pastimes! It’s an opportunity to network with interesting individuals, organize co-marketing activities for our company, and experiment with new tools and platforms.

Last year, I had the honor of presenting at Brighton SEO, one of the best SEO conferences in the UK. I had the chance to meet some of the industry’s top specialists and offer my expertise. A suggestion: after visiting a few conferences, consider giving a talk to expand your industry contacts. 

As I did last year, I’ll assist you in deciding which of the many excellent search conferences you should attend in 2019. Continue reading to learn about the top 9 search conferences you should attend. Also, start composing a message to your supervisor and book that trip!

SMX West is ranked first.

When? The dates are January 30-31, 2019.

San Jose is the location.

Rates start at $1695 and go higher from there.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn about voice and visual search, local search optimization, Google Ads and Bing audiences, a/b testing in a multi-format environment, and how to optimize for the mobile-first world in 2019 from industry professionals. Only the boot camp and workshop are available for enrollment. This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest conferences for search marketers in terms of value for money.


YoastCon 2019 is the second event in the YoastCon series.

Do you utilize the Yoast SEO plugin to help you with your WordPress SEO? You, of course, do!

There’s a reason this plugin has over 5 million active installations, and Yoast is now coming to share its best practices with us all.

When? The dates are February 7-8, 2019.

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Rates start at €499 per night.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll learn: This first-ever YoastCon will cover SEO and WordPress difficulties, blogging advice, artificial intelligence in search, knowledge graphs, Progressive WordPress, AMP, and more. There is an excellent speaker lineup as well as practical seminars, panel discussions, and in-depth analysis from Yoast specialists. 


San Diego is ranked third in the search for love.

When? The dates are March 4-5, 2019.

San Diego, California is the location.

Rates start at $999 and go higher from there.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll learn: SearchLove is delivering amazing presenters with insightful advice to help you improve your search marketing, as always. Rand Fishkin will kick off the program by demonstrating how to break down the obstacles to outreach that we’re all experiencing – SEO A/B testing, technical SEO, and machine learning. SearchLove conferences are usually of the best caliber, so you won’t be disappointed if you fly to sunny California for this one.


#4 Pubcon

When? The dates are March 5-7, 2019.

Florida, United States of America

Rates start at $699 and go higher from there.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll remember: If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that Pubcon is one of my all-time favorite conferences. You’ll hear from Google’s Gary Illyes and Ben Morss, discover concrete methods for SEO, PPC, social advertising, audits, Amazon, and more, and participate in an AMA panel with industry professionals from all around the globe at Pubcon. My laptop keyboard was on fire from all my frenetic note-taking when I went to Pubcon!


#5 LeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsLeedsL

When? 20th of June, 2019

Leeds, United Kingdom

Rates are to be determined.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll remember: Now this is a conference that had the whole industry buzzing last year; you can’t go wrong with such positive comments! Last year, we learned about Amazon SEO, ecommerce SEO, Google Shopping, Google Tag Manager, and more at SearchLeeds, which focuses on the less-common side of things. SearchLeeds is a newcomer to town, but it has a lot of potential!


SearchCon #6

When? The dates are April 11-12, 2019.

Breckenridge, Colorado is the location.

Rates range from $349 to $739.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll remember: During your leisure at SearchCon, you may enjoy winter sports, skiing, brewery tours, shopping, or the Beaver Run Resort Spa. The emphasis here is on networking, and if you choose to go, you will undoubtedly have the chance to meet a large number of search industry experts and agencies.


BrightonSEO #7

When? The dates are April 11-12, 2019.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Early Bird Rates: £500

Link to the Conference

What you will take away: This conference began with a bunch of marketers in a bar talking about SEO and search marketing. Today, it is one of the largest SEO conferences in the UK and Europe. Attendees will hear inspirational talks and attend hard-core training lessons. There are always exciting and surprising guests, and John Muller’s Q&A session will be one of the most interesting moments at this conference.


#8 MozCon

When? The dates are July 15-17, 2018.

Seattle, Washington is the location.

Rates start at $799 and go higher from there.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll remember: Consider it a three-day training session for all types of search marketers, with practical SEO and search insights, search-driven content strategy, an agency-focused session, and the chance to learn more about BI and SEO, as well as accurate reporting. Oh, and what would you do if there was no traffic in the world? Moz will concentrate on voice search, the knowledge graph, and other topics.


#3XE Digital 3XE Digital 3XE Digital 3XE Digital 3XE

When: 17th of October, 2019

What country is it? Ireland.

Early Bird rates start at €195.

Link to the Conference

What you’ll learn: This conference is all on search, user experience, and conversion optimization. These three are inextricably linked, therefore at 3XE Digital, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about them all in one day, with 20 speakers and six workshops. From email lists to PPC advertisements, analytics, and reporting to SEM and SEO, the conference covers it all.



Yes, there are a lot of terrific conferences out there, and search marketers who want to keep current will have a busy year in 2019. I hope my two cents has been useful in determining which conferences are worth attending. Whatever you do, stay up to date on the newest schedules and changes, and be sure to read the summaries that appear after the conferences, particularly if you were unable to attend.

Is there a conference on the list that I’m missing? Send me a message in the comments area!

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