Top Trending Google Searches

We all know how important search engines are to our every day. Google is one of the most widely used and accepted search engines, with more than 3 billion searches per month in over 200 countries. But what exactly do people look up? Here’s a list of some of the top trending queries on google right now!

The “top 10 google searches” is a list that ranks the most popular searches on Google. These searches are trending and will be in your top 10 results when you search any key term.

KeywordAverage from July to September 2021 3.8M 1what to watch 2What is the current time1.2M 3What space film was released in 1992? 1.2M 4How many ounces are there in a cup? 1.0M 5How can I take a screenshot on a Mac? 1.0M 6In a gallon, how many ounces are there? 941.0K 7where am I now? 941.0K 8what is the number of weeks in a year823.0K 9What is my ip823.0K address? What if763.0K was a tenth of a million dollars? 11When will the Senate vote on the $757.4 million stimulus package? 673,0K views on 12how to delete instagram account 673.0K What music is this? 14What is the date of Labor Day in 2021? 638.7K 15who won the floyd vs. Logan 610.0K battle 16who paid the world’s biggest criminal fine of $556,700 17What is the weight of a pound in ounces? 550.0K 18What is the date of the next full moon? 550.0K 516.7K What time is it in California? 500.0K Bernie Sanders is 20 years old. When is Labor Day in 2019?497.3K In 1992, what space movie was made491.3K? 23What if Marvel didn’t exist? 474.7K 24When does autumn begin? 469.3K 464.0K 25what we do in the darkness 26What is the volume of a quart? 450.0K 27What is the weight of an ounce? 450.0K 442.0K What dinosaur had 500 teeth? 29when will the stimulus bill be voted on in the Senate428.1K 30how to lose weight quickly422.7K 31In a gallon, how many liters are there? 422.7K Donald Trump is 32 years old, and he has a net worth of $409.0 million. 406.3K how to knot a tie 33how to tie a tie 34how long does a gallon of covid last375.5K 35what time is it in Tokyo372.8K 36how many quarts are in a gallon 368.0K 37how long to cook eggs368.0K 38what is critical race theory368.0K 39what is critical race theory Today is a holiday for 361.3K 39. How many ounces are in a gallon? 350.7K 40 345.7K 41When will the stimulus bill be voted on in the Senate343.9K 42When will the Olympics begin? How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies 340.8K 43 What time is it in Hawaii? 327.3K 44how many feet are in a mile323.3K 45what time is it in Hawaii? 305.0K 46when does autumn begin304.8K 47how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon 301.0K 48how is the weather today301.0K 49when is Christmas? What is going on in Afghanistan? 299.0K 50 51how many tablespoons are in a cup 291.5K How many cups are there in a gallon? 282.7K Where am I now? 282.7K 53 282.7K 54What is the best way to take a screenshot on Windows? 282.7K 55who created walking282.0K 56will it rain today267.7K 57how old is Joe Biden267.7K 266.5K 58how many people are there in the world264.3K 59how many ounces in a cup264.3K 60is reddit down259.7K 61when does Walmart close249.3K 62how to snap a screenshot on a mac How many steps are in a mile? 249.3K 63how many ounces are in a quart?246.0K 64how many ounces are in a quart? 246.0K 65How much home can I afford246.0K 66How can I get rid of gnats246.0K 67How do I make a check246.0K 68 246.0K 68what is rsv234.3K 69how to make french toast231.0K 70which wich231.0K 71how many grams in a pound246.0K 68what is rsv234.3K 69how to make french toast231.0K 70which wich231.0K 71how many grams in a pound 222.3K 73how many days till Halloween231.0K 72how many centimeters in an inch 219.8K 74how to remove apps216.0K 75is shingles contagious216.0K 76what time is it in arizona216.0K 77what time is it in the uk216.0K 78what time is it in the uk 216.0K 78What time is it in Australia?216.0K 79What day is it?216.0K 80Where is Xur? 201.0K 82how many ounces in a liter201.0K 83how many oz in a pound210.3K 81how many square feet in an acre201.0K 82how many ounces in a liter201.0K 83how many oz in a pound 201.0K 87how old is Clint Eastwood201.0K 84how to deactivate facebook account201.0K 85how to pronounce201.0K 86what does201.0K 87how old is Clint Eastwood 197.8K 88When is Thanksgiving in the year 2021192.0K 89How old is Donald Trump190.5K 90How tall is Kevin Hart? 189.0K 91how to solve a rubik’s cube189.0K 92what day is it189.0K 93what time is it in texas189.0K 94why is my poop green189.0K 95how to snap a screenshot189.0K 96when is the stimulus vote in the senate187.3K 97how many seconds are in a day182.0K 98what time is it in florida182.0

The “Google Trends – Hot” is a list of the top trending searches on Google. It can be used to see what people are searching for at any given time. Reference: google trends – hot.

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