Turning a Boring Warranty Into a Lead Gen Tool (600 Leads in 2 Weeks)

The warranty industry is a $30 billion dollar market, but it’s slow and tedious. This project turned the results of just 2 weeks into 600 leads that generated $1,000 for my business in revenue so far!. The process can be replicated with any product or service.

The “lead generation tools” is a way to turn a boring warranty into a lead gen tool. It was created by the company, Gogobot. The company found that they were getting 600 leads in 2 weeks with this method.

Warranties are the documents you sign on your path to obtaining the amazing item you want. We don’t all read them. Fewer people are aware of the finer features and ramifications of warranties, yet if used well, warranties may be a powerful marketing tool.

Consider being asked to turn your standard warranty into a discussion starter since it is a stumbling block on the way to buy. How can you convert drab legalese into a point of distinction?

The Task: Raising Customer Awareness of a Minor But Important Issue

We were around a conference table two months ago, debating how we might raise awareness about our very mundane warranty claim.

We offer aftermarket engine lubricants (motor oils and such), and manufacturers in the industries we serve (particularly, the power sports sector) would discourage consumers from using any brand other than theirs. In the computing world, this may be analogous to hardware makers advising customers to use their software if they want to keep their equipment in good working order.

In our industry, we often saw the situation where a prospective consumer would spend a significant amount of money on a nice new item like a snowmobile or dirt bike, only to be asked to sign a lengthy paperwork. This text clearly suggests that he or she should avoid using any additional lubricants in their new toy.

The bottom line message was clear: stick with the manufacturer’s brand. Only. Every. Time.

Unless you’re a maker of aftermarket lubricants for the toy, it’s not a huge problem. By the way, the message is a load of nonsense. You may use whichever lubricant you choose (it is your property after all).

It’s also against the law. Consumer warranty claims are protected by law (the Magnusson Moss Act of 1975). The Act makes it unlawful for corporations to cancel your warranty or reject coverage just because you utilized an aftermarket or recycled item in the aftermarket lubricant market. You won’t want to void your warranty coverage unless you’re following the finer details of warranties or aftermarket lubricants, and who wants to snuggle up to a textbook on that? Even if the aftermarket lubricant provides superior protection and performance, you won’t even consider it.

The issue is how to make a warranty claim interesting, if not seductive.

A web page or card claiming that your manufacturer cannot invalidate your warranty because of “blah” “blah” “blah” is unlikely to gain momentum. As a result, developing a content marketing plan is difficult. 

Making a “dry” topic more interesting through content marketing

1. Look at the current messaging in the space.

In our situation, we went back to our customer stories and buyer personas to see how we might make the language more similar to what the user is currently used to.

Turning-a-Boring-Warranty-Into-a-Lead-Gen-Tool-600Travis Isaacs Triumph Motorcycle Decal

Our target group responded to edgy, engaging, and exciting messaging. The producers of powersports vehicles broadcast messages that emphasized attitude and the yearning for independence.

1636525671_152_Turning-a-Boring-Warranty-Into-a-Lead-Gen-Tool-600Wonderlane Truck Decal

We reasoned that our warranty message was quite general and common. We had to either rearrange our messaging or be extraordinary in order to produce a compelling message. When we looked at the market, we realized that our warranty was not extraordinary, and because we had no intentions to improve it, we had to adjust our message.

2. Consider how you may tie your content to your customers’ habits.

The problem we had was getting individuals to visit our internet page or view a warranty video. As a result, we had to repackage the information in a way that clients could comprehend. Our web development team had other priorities, so a cool/robust landing page was out of the question. It was necessary for the material to be engaging.

3. Consider Closing the Reporting Loop

We proactively addressed the issue, “Did it generate sales?” that every content marketer faces by aligning with a distinct conversion metric: visitor to lead conversion. We realized that just driving traffic to the landing page or getting views on the video wasn’t enough. “Then what?” we expected to be the following question. To that aim, we needed a mechanism to incentivize users to do a conversion-related activity.

Locate Prospects Who Require Your Services

In no time, you’ll be able to close more sales.

ADS illustration

“Runs on Freedom” is a campaign that encourages people to run for their freedom.

We created a campaign that included video on the website as well as social media.

The message is called “Runs on Freedom,” and it is based on the customer’s opinion of themselves, their toys, popular messaging in the present area, content delivery methods (online and offline – discussions take place on both), and a mapping of the trip into our purchase process.

1636525673_939_Turning-a-Boring-Warranty-Into-a-Lead-Gen-Tool-600Freedom Swag is what he runs on.

Our campaign included the following elements:

  • On our social media and YouTube platforms, we posted educational PSA-style films regarding customer rights.
  • A new warranty page that starts with the campaign and breaks down the legalese in a more comprehensible (and skimmable) way.
  • A sponsored social media campaign targeting fans and followers of the biggest power sports companies.
  • A YouTube marketing campaign aimed towards new release review videos.
  • Visitors to our website may obtain free Runs on Freedom decals to put on their powersports equipment (our visitor-to-lead conversion tactic).

The Campaign Was Both a Success and a Failure

The amount of visits to our guarantee page increased dramatically throughout the campaign’s run! The first rise occurred during our first ad campaign, which we ran for a few days before having to turn off. Our second social ad campaign triggered the second rise. Unique visits increased by 305 percent year over year, average time on page increased by 235 percent from 48 seconds to 3 minutes and 3 seconds, and the bounce rate decreased from 19.67 percent to 9.26 percent.

1636525674_13_Turning-a-Boring-Warranty-Into-a-Lead-Gen-Tool-600Visitor numbers to our Warranty Page

In only three weeks, we got over 600 new leads from customers who had seen the movie and desired a decal. The initiative surpassed our goals by not only raising awareness of our Warranty message, but also by enlisting customers as ambassadors to help us spread the word.

1636525676_452_Turning-a-Boring-Warranty-Into-a-Lead-Gen-Tool-600On a truck, there’s a decal that says “Freedom.”

Where I Failed: Beyond Execution Planning

In this case, my role as a digital marketer was to construct the campaign and use it to raise awareness and produce leads. I did, however, fall short in one crucial area: decal fulfillment. Our first batch of decals sold out in less than a week. The second batch, which came a few weeks later, sold out almost immediately. We had to taper down the campaign until a solution was established since the volume of requests we got overloaded our order fulfillment staff, which had conflicting responsibilities.

As a result, the campaign’s success was harmed. We weren’t able to spread our message as much as we would have liked. A major lesson is to concentrate on end-to-end fulfillment rather than simply the initial stages when creating campaigns. It takes a community to raise a child.

The “lead generation examples” is a lead gen tool that has been used by many businesses. The tool was created to turn boring warranty information into a lead gen source for their business.

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