Valuable Ways To Use Twitter For Earning Links

Twitter is a powerful tool for content marketing. It has been the best way to reach potential customers since it’s inception, and it remains one of the most effective channels in 2019. However, many marketers still don’t know how best to use Twitter for earnings and links. This article offers some tips on how you can maximize clicks with your Tweets so that they are worth their weight in gold!

Twitter is a great way to grow your following and earn links. There are several ways to make money with Twitter, including using bots to build websites for you.

Twitter should be included in your link-building operations since it allows you to swiftly target important individuals and observe relevant trending data. This article looks at how you can utilize Twitter to boost your link-building efforts.

The People Who Have the Most Influence Over You

Followerwonk and Fruji, for example, are two apps that may help you sort your most important blogs.

The next step is to export their biographies and sort them by whether or not they have a website.

Also, export your mentions, likes, and retweets using a program like twDocs, and then filter by those who have a website in their profile. 

The goal is to prioritize bloggers you contact since bloggers that follow you are more likely to be open to your outreach strategies because they are already familiar with your brand.


Follow bloggers who are major influencers in your industry and keep track of their likes and retweets to help you plan your future content initiatives. This is an excellent approach to learn what your industry’s important players like.

You might make a matrix similar to this one:


Following the creation of your content, Twitter may provide immediate feedback through hashtag selection (Hashtagify is a fantastic free application) and promoted tweets.


If your content development process is flexible, you may leverage input from mentions to enhance your content and track its success via social shares and earned links.


Bloggers, in my experience, react to tweets faster than emails, so use them for your outreach.


Retweeting or favoriting their articles is also a simple method to build a new friendship or express your admiration for their material, which will help you approach them with your own content.


Pages with Hashtags

When creating content calendars, you’ll want to target major events, and key events almost always have a hashtag connected with them, so you’ll have the chance to appear on frequently searched hashtag sites.



Depending on how prominent you are, you may get a lot of exposure here, which will put your work in front of more eyes and lead to more possibilities for links.

Also, Google can now access Twitter’s firehose (read more), which follows the same principle as above in that if your material is reactive, it has the potential to be viewed by a large number of people.


More information about newsjacking may be found here. This strategy requires a flexible content team, but it might result in a large number of links if you remark on issues when they are at their most popular.

Here are some pointers on how to do good newsjacking:


The examples above are just a handful of the ways you may utilize Twitter to supplement your link-building efforts.

It would be nice to learn about your own methods, so please share them in the comments section below!

The “how many followers do you need to make money on twitter” is a question that has been asked by many people. It is difficult to answer because it depends on the person and their goals. The article will discuss ways in which Twitter can be used for earning links.

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