Video Content Marketing for Growing Ecommerce Brands on Social Media

A study by The State of Marketing states that companies with less than $1 billion in annual revenue have a very difficult time reaching their audience. As ecommerce continues to grow, more and more brands are turning to social media marketing as an alternative way to reach consumers on the go. However, these platforms still lack reliable metrics for measuring how well-received your content is and what kind of impact it could be having on sales.

Social media is a great tool for content marketing, but it is important to use the right strategy. This article will provide you with some social media marketing strategies that are helpful for e-commerce brands. Read more in detail here: social media marketing strategies for e-commerce.

Over the previous two decades, video content has grown in popularity, with video traffic expected to account for 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021. Video content continues to be the greatest method to hook and keep your target audience engaged, from conventional TV advertisements to short-lived Instagram Stories and Facebook Live.

Why? Your brand video can not only tell you more about the product than a picture or text can, but it can also show it off in a fun and engaging manner. And that counts a lot when it comes to product videos.

It is essential to list your products online regardless of the size of your company, whether you are a large corporation or a little one, to guarantee that your prospective clients can discover you on the internet. Why? Customers are increasingly experimenting with online purchasing; in 2019, there will be 1.92 billion worldwide digital shoppers.

When it comes to selecting the best ecommerce platform, social media networks have emerged as a viable option. Furthermore, since millennials spend 60% of their time online, they are more likely to utilize social media platforms to find new items and purchase them in-app:

The social shopping era is arrived. Since it became one of the most popular ecommerce trends in 2019, major social media networks like as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have added tools to make in-app purchasing simpler.

This offers great sales potential for ecommerce retailers to engage consumers, connect with them, and drive purchases, particularly when videos are integrated into a social media marketing plan.

Ecommerce Benefits from Video Content Marketing

A firm selling kitchen equipment received a remarkable 398 percent Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) on their Facebook video ad campaign, according to one case study from Social Fire Media. Their budget was $960k, and they made a total of 3.8 million dollars. The campaign’s ad creatives were able to reach “highly targeted people inclined to buy” through Facebook, which they credit for their success.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to expand your ecommerce company, video content is a terrific method to:

  • Showcase a product from several perspectives.

  • Demonstrate all of the features and advantages.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to utilize a product should be provided.

  • Attract the attention of your target audience.

  • With innovative techniques, you can outsmart your opponents.

What’s the bottom line? Video marketing aids in buying decisions; 64% of consumers are more inclined to purchase a product after seeing a video about it. However, converting social media followers into consumers is a protracted process that requires time and effort. As a result, it’s critical to look after prospective clients at every level, and video content marketing may be quite beneficial.

Video Content Marketing Benefits ecommerce Brands on Social Media in 5 Ways

#1. Demonstrate Your Niche Expertise

In today’s world, when competition is fierce, there’s no better way to keep one step ahead of your rivals than to demonstrate your experience. In reality, it’s a closed circle: being a specialized expert attracts more prospective clients, and acquiring consumer trust is the greatest method to establish yourself as an expert.

The number of people who follow you on social media might help you gauge your skill in the digital age. Because the number of followers acts as a sign of brand credibility, the more followers you have, the simpler it is to attract new followers. Being an expert is easy with video integration; all you have to do is share your expertise with the audience.

Expert Roundups should be posted.

It is critical to establish yourself as a recognised brand in your market, regardless of your company expertise. Users will be more inclined to watch a video where professionals give their ideas since they like getting insights from specialty specialists. Because 65 percent of individuals are visual learners, we have an easier time comprehending video material.

For example, MAC Cosmetics’ senior artist Lyne Desnoyers developed a film to highlight current cosmetic trends and styles. Lyne has over 15 years of expertise in the industry and can provide both newcomers and experienced with her finest makeup ideas.


It’s fantastic if you can forecast industry trends, but it’s much better if you can teach your clients how to take advantage of them, since it demonstrates your expertise in the field.

Live Streaming of Events

Video content is always developing, and live streaming now enables you to reach your audience in real time. It’s no surprise that people watch a live video three times longer than a pre-recorded one since they never know what will happen next and can’t stop it. This implies that marketers will have a lot of time to express their brand message.

When it comes to proving your experience in the niche, you can learn from Sephora and Live Streaming of Events that hint at your company’s growth. When a company goes live to show events that are happening during the day, it proves that the company is growing and it also brings authenticity. By featuring Jen Atkin in one video, the company also caused a buzz around the live stream that generated 86k views.


Activate Your IGTV Channel

Do you create useful videos for your customers and you want to hold everything in one place? Activate Your IGTV Channel! Why? Vertical video is on its rise. Since all users 94% of the time hold their gadgets upright, it is easier for people to consume vertical videos. Instagram keeps an eye on trends, so it rolled out its brand new video platform for vertical videos, also known as IGTV. With this platform, marketers can upload long-form videos (up to 60 minutes).

Take the case of NYX Cosmetics, for example. NYX understands how to apply makeup to a range of faces as a cosmetics firm. As a result, the firm developed an IGTV channel to publish lessons and allow its fans to learn from professionals. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for NYX to demonstrate experience in the field.


It takes time and work to establish yourself as a niche expert, but when you generate meaningful video content, you increase your chances of gaining authority and trust.

#2. Enhance customer confidence

Customers always select brands they trust when there are so many choices on the market. According to a Salesforce survey, consumers are 95 percent more inclined to be loyal to a firm they trust, and 92 percent are more likely to acquire more goods and services from trusted organizations. As a result, if you want to start selling on Instagram, prepare to think about your customers first; it’s critical to earn consumer trust, and there are a few methods to do it using video content.

UGC Videos Can Be Shared

User-generated content (UGC) isn’t a brand-new notion. People take hundreds of images every day, and 85 percent of consumers believe that visual UGC has greater influence than brand photos. Users are encouraged to produce photographs by marketers.

Take, for example, GoPro. Despite the fact that the firm need no introduction, it devotes a significant amount of time and attention to developing an effective social media marketing strategy for communicating with present and new consumers. While showing off action cams is unlikely to entice clients, showcasing product value and quality is another way to meet their wants. Furthermore, 71% of consumers believe that internet reviews are important when making a purchase in areas such as electronics or appliances.

As a result, when GoPro uploads user-generated content, it kills two birds with one stone: it showcases the excellence of their goods while also demonstrating demand. Furthermore, the corporation makes an effort to upload user-generated content (UGC) films since they seem to be more fascinating, engaging, and authentic. Take a look at the following example:


If you are a small business, promoting UGC might be challenging until you provide your fans a compelling incentive to make UGC films for you. To incentivize followers, you may, for example, provide a discount or branded goodies. After all, your brand’s credibility is at stake, therefore it’s worth spending money and effort on.

Collaborate with Influencers in a Specific Field

Modern buyers are wary of overly-polished branded advertisements, so it’s no surprise that they seek for peer reviews before making purchases. Collaboration with niche influencers seems to be an excellent option when it comes to influencing consumers’ buying choices, since 74 percent of buyers depend on comments they discover on social media.

Some businesses feel that employing video content not only attracts consumers but also helps to establish brand legitimacy. Premium apparel business Tommy Hilfiger collaborates with American actress and singer Zendaya to make short films for social media platforms. One film, for example, had 157,059 views in less than a month.


By including opinion leaders in videos, you can ensure that influencers share your views and pick your product, giving your social media followers a reason to believe in your company as well.

Testimonials to Share

The rise of social proof helps marketers win more customers when featuring recommendations from happy buyers. Andy Crestodina said, “People tend to do what other people are doing. Psychologists call this conformity, herd behavior, or the bandwagon effect. Marketers call it social proof.” Once you Testimonials to Share from your customers, you prove that other people trust your brand and they like the product or service you provide. Moreover, it also helps potential customers evaluate product demand.

Of course, if you’re a new ecommerce business, acquiring client video testimonials may be difficult. You may, however, take notes from Salesforce and ask your employees to share their experiences with others. Customers are more inclined to tell others about their experiences after seeing real-life tales, which may promote your business.


One of the most important things in setting your product apart from the hundreds of others on the market is customer trust. Customers that trust your brand are more inclined to purchase from you and suggest you, allowing your ecommerce business to develop quicker.

#3. Describe why your product is worthwhile to purchase.

It’s not enough to have a decent product to attract consumers. You won’t go far by just mentioning your advantages. Customers will be more inclined to purchase your product if you can explain how it can meet their wants and solve their issues. As a result, effective firms consider their consumers’ requirements before focusing on their goods.

Have you heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”? When compared to photos, videos deliver a 74 percent improvement in your visitors’ knowledge of your product or service. With video material, you can show off your product from a variety of perspectives and convince buyers that they need it.

Make a product summary.

Customers who purchase online are unable to see and touch the goods, assess its quality, or try it on to determine if it fits or not. As a consequence, people seek social evidence that the product will suit their demands, therefore around 95% of customers check online reviews before making a purchase, and 72% of them wait until they have read reviews before taking action.

Customers who write reviews or do product overviews with the help of video content help followers see the item from different perspectives, so marketers should encourage customers to write reviews or do product overviews with the help of video content to help followers see the item from different perspectives. Take, for example, this Free People video. A video is used by the corporation to showcase its goods and swiftly communicate information. Customers will benefit from an efficient technique of determining if they need the advertised items.


Most ecommerce marketers understand the importance of product descriptions, but video product overviews may provide additional value to prospective buyers who want to learn more about the product’s features and advantages.

Put up tutorials on how to do things.

We live in an incredible era when everyone can receive advice from top experts in any field by doing a simple online search. Learning how to accomplish anything has gotten even simpler thanks to the emergence of video marketing; 4x as many people would prefer watch a video about a product than read about it. As a result, most businesses publish how-to tutorials to give additional information on how to utilize their products to new and current consumers.

Beauty businesses such as Lancome, for example, often publish cosmetic videos that include their goods. Customers not only learn useful information, but they also learn how to utilize the highlighted goods, which helps a business advertise its products authentically.


Unless you have the resources to engage a professional video production team, use an online video editing tool to improve the appearance of your films without spending a lot of money or time.

Organize Q&A Sessions

No matter how good your product is, your followers may still have questions about it. Thus, a FAQ page on your website can add a lot of value for your potential customers. And when it comes to promoting your ecommerce business on social media, organizing Q&A sessions can also help to drive sales especially if you go live. When you organize live stream Q&A sessions, you keep your audience engaged as they never know what will happen next. As a result, they can learn even more about your product before getting their questions answered.

An excellent example of this strategy is Tarte Cosmetics, a beauty brand that invites niche influencers to organize Q&A sessions, and this results in providing social media followers with more information about the products. In the case of Tarte Cosmetics, going live is an opportunity to increase brand awareness and build brand trust which may mean ecommerce sales growth.


Modern clients have a wide range of alternatives thanks to the expanding product diversity on the market, so they pay special attention to the items they buy in order to make the best purchasing decision. If you want to maintain your current consumers and attract new ones, you must meet their requirements and desires, which means your product must address their issues. Your social media followers are more inclined to prefer your firm over the competition after you explain why your product is worth purchasing.

#4. Reach Out to More Potential Clients

Customer acquisition plays a crucial function in each market segment. If you want to increase your income, you must take care of your current consumers while also attracting new ones. As a result, marketers concentrate on gaining new customers. Because individuals spend so much time viewing video material, it not only keeps customers interested, but it also helps you reach out to more prospective customers when done correctly.

Users will be drawn in by vertical video content.

Vertical video content is not a new notion, but it is growing in popularity since more than half of all video material is seen on mobile devices, and users hold their smartphones upright 94% of the time. It not only makes vertical video content simpler to view, but it also includes features like geotags and hashtag stickers to help you reach out to new clients.

Just take a look at an example from H&M. Using a geotag sticker, the company can reach more customers who are interested in a specific location.


Vertical video content isn’t just another digital marketing fad; it’s a fantastic way to engage your social media followers and reach new audiences with your business message.

Publish Video Ads

In 2019, companies should be prepared to spend money on social media to reach more prospective followers (and consumers). As the number of people using social media grows, it’s becoming more difficult to get through the clutter without paying money. Most businesses employ advertisements to attain a campaign goal. And, if you want to attract more consumers, try employing video advertisements, since viewers watch video for 5 times longer than they do static information, making it the most effective method to engage users.

Here’s a great Toyota example. The corporation has employed the carousel ad style to exhibit specifics about the product with the assistance of many films in celebration of a new product launch. Rather of merely displaying precise facts on each carousel picture card, the corporation might employ innovative movies to illustrate the narrative behind the product.


Video content increases engagement, so it’s a tried-and-true technique to reach out to more consumers in a fun manner. The majority of in-app social media tools (e.g., video advertisements, geotags, and stickers) assist marketers in communicating their brand message both inside and outside of a community.

#5. Persuade users to act more quickly

Any company’s ability to increase revenue is critical. Because the sooner you sell your things, the faster your business develops, it’s no surprise that marketers and online store owners experiment with ways to boost ecommerce sales quickly. And, if you’re seeking for a tried-and-true technique to persuade your followers to act quicker, consider creating more videos, since people want video content: According to Wordstream, views on promoted video content have surged 258 percent on Facebook and 99 percent on YouTube.

Make an announcement about sales and discounts.

Sales and discounts have excellent marketing potential, ever since Coca-Cola distributed the first-ever coupon in 1887. It is in a human’s nature to feel positive emotions when getting exclusive offers, so shoppers want to find the best deals before making the purchase decisions. For any marketer, this also means an opportunity to achieve business goals. And when you use video content to Make an announcement about sales and discounts., you can expect even better results as video engages customers.

Whole Foods, like the majority of large corporations, recognizes that discounts may help drive more sales, so it rewards its loyal customers with limited-time offers.


Even if your company isn’t as large as Whole Foods, you may still manage coupons and discounts to cater to customers who are looking for exceptional deals from their favorite companies. When you offer your prospective consumers exactly what they want, they are more inclined to act quickly.

Try out ephemeral content.

The notion of ephemeral material that vanishes after 24 hours is supported by most social media platforms’ Stories and LiveStream functionalities. Customers that are fearful of missing out on something significant are affected by the FOMO effect. Ephemeral material, for example, has helped consumers spend more than 32 minutes each day on Instagram, up from 15 minutes before. Because this form of material has a brief lifetime, people are more likely to respond quickly. As a result, transitory content may make it simpler to generate ecommerce purchases.

ASOS thinks that ephemeral content is the way of the future of social media, thus it provides Stories to keep its followers interested. Instead than marketing its items, ASOS focuses on meeting the requirements of its consumers, demonstrating how products might assist prospective customers in solving their difficulties.


Because video content is dynamic, it motivates viewers to take action more quickly, which means that if videos are made in such a manner that they successfully reach the target audience(s), a company may expect to see an increase in ecommerce sales.

In a Word

Video content is rapidly gaining popularity, providing ecommerce marketers with new options to communicate with prospective consumers, provide brand messaging, and improve sales without being pushy. When done correctly, video content marketing may help your ecommerce company reach new heights, so don’t pass up this opportunity to increase income in 2019.

Social media videos are a great way to grow your business and increase sales. This article will show you how to use video content marketing for growing ecommerce brands on social media. Reference: social media videos for business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How social media is used in e-commerce marketing?

A: Social media marketing is the use of social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to promote and market products. The aim of this form of online marketing is to increase brand awareness through creating content that will generate likes, shares or other reactions on social media platforms.

How does social media affect video marketing?

A: Social media has a huge effect on the success of video marketing. Videos have to be shared and liked in order to gain traction, which is why one should strive for quality content that will garner likes from their audience rather than quantity.

How do you create good video content for social media?

A: To create good video content for social media, you need to be able to understand what your audience wants and have the necessary skillset. You also need proper planning and a schedule so that you can produce each piece of content on time or even better, early. If you want people to pay attention though, its important that there is something special about your topic; otherwise they wont take interest in what youre doing!

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