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This week’s episode of Webinomy Chat tackles the topic of Twitter marketing. How can you get your content in front of more users, build a following and grow your brand? What are some great resources to learn about Twitter tips and tricks?

The “twitter chat list” is a webinomy chat that helps you to find the best twitter chats. It has tips on how to be successful in the Twitter chats and also lists the upcoming twitter chats.

Need some assistance developing a Twitter marketing plan for 2021? This #SEMrushchat summary might assist you in identifying techniques and choices that may be beneficial to you. The fact is that on Twitter, more initiatives fail than succeed. Learning what to do and what not to do from individuals who use the platform every day to help companies reach their objectives is the greatest approach to avoid wasting time and money on any marketing campaign.

Madalyn Sklar, a member of our community and a recent guest, provided a wealth of Twitter marketing information and advice last week. Why Twitter is a good and unique platform for business, tactics for organically growing an audience, ways to create the perfect tweet, overlooked Twitter features businesses could use for growth, and brands that are doing well on Twitter and what you can learn from them were among the topics discussed during the chat. 

Take a look at the tweets below and let us know what you think of the viewpoints in the comments section. 


Twitter gives you the chance to interact with a large number of individuals who share your interests. As a result, it’s an excellent platform for networking.



It’s real-time, it’s genuine, you get to “select” what you see, it’s a resource, a business productivity tool, a news channel, and – most of all – a “Search Engine” – use it to FIND value rather than simply scream it to the masses.



Twitter is operational right now, and it’s constantly busy, so you may reach out to your target clients/customers at any time.



One of Twitter’s most distinguishing features is the “intimate” nature of its specialist and industry groups. There’s a unique capacity to be both public and connected at the same time that no other platform can match.



Twitter, in my opinion, is the most direct method for consumers to communicate with brands and vice versa. As a company, it’s a fantastic method to interact with customers and other businesses in a transparent and efficient manner.



You can simply and rapidly connect with others. Make contact with folks you’d never call or email otherwise. There is also a distinct etiquette must be followed. People on Twitter, on the other hand, seem to be cooler -?- and more prepared to share and provide support.



What I enjoy about Twitter and what sets it apart from other social media platforms is that it is real-time, allowing you to connect and expand your communities with like-minded professionals as well as your viewers or clients.



Twitter is the go-to source for breaking news, so it’s ideal for acquiring industry news, updates, and participating in real-time discussions! (such as this one!) It’s continually updated with fresh information and possibilities, as well as hashtags that are currently popular.



LISTEN! for the backseat passengers LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSTEN! Observe how people are discussing about your business or your sector in general, and answer in a genuine way. Stop responding with an automatic answer.



A2: – Identify your target demographic – Learn what they like and connect with – Identify their problem areas – INTERACT WITH YOUR CROWD! – Participate in Twitter discussions to educate your audience on what you do and who you are.



? A2. Make it a habit to respond and retweet?? Deliver high-quality material on a regular basis # Keep an eye on hashtags and popular topics? Make an effort to connect with influencers.



Begin by monitoring who, what, and how your topics of interest are discussed. To expand your network, look for comparable open talks like this one. Listen carefully and answer appropriately. Share more than just your own thoughts. Create a feed that you can curate.



The importance of consistency and quickness cannot be overstated. Companies must reply to mentions and responses as soon as possible. Companies could also utilize hashtags and mentions related to their sector to reach out. Using interactive tweets like polls and holding discussions.



A2: Follow industry-relevant instructive handles; follow your competitor’s followers; create Tweets based on current trends in your industry; use related Hashtags for improved reach; and use basic content with symbols, photos, and videos.



A perfect tweet is one that allows individuals to express themselves and be responsive while also allowing them to share their thoughts and ideas. It’s that one line in a discussion that makes you want to reply, discuss, and tell your experience. Twitter is a mash-up of many different tales.



A great tweet is one that gets others to respond! It motivates people to like, remark, retweet, visit your website, or do anything else.



A ideal tweet is deliberately crafted, relevant to your audience’s requirements, and provides them with a punch of value.



A flawless tweet is more about honesty and connecting with your audience than it is about perfectionism. Off-the-cuff tone is par for the course; talking in the same professional tone you use on LinkedIn, for example, does not resonate, in my opinion. Simply be succinct.



My Twitter stream is full with interesting tweets such as:? promotional information? motivating sayings What’s the difference between retweets and retweets with a quote? Is it okay to share other people’s content? Polls on Twitter? Videos? Custom GIFs & GIFs



A excellent tweet gives value to your target audience’s life in some manner, preferably in a memorable one.



Search (and sophisticated search) Geolocation capabilities Tagging in Photos Lists (private and public) Gifs (to bring tweets to life) are just a few of the Twitter features that are underutilized. Didn’t I say Search? …



Twitter moments, live video (through periscope), the mute button, and lists are all capabilities that are often neglected.



Lists are one of my favorite Twitter features, and I have a few that I check out when I want to see what’s going on in San Diego in terms of SEO, machine learning, and security. For me, each subject list alters Twitter.



I believe Twitter’s new expandable card deck, as well as its advanced search, are worth looking at. Last but not least, I’d like to mention their ability to follow certain subjects on Twitter.


Manage your group on Twitter using #TwitterLists. @PeriscopeCo – video content is the future #TwitterTrends – to determine search trends To narrate a tale, use the hashtag #TwitterMoments. Native GIF search in the Explore tab – fun! And polls?



Visit https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/media-studio to learn more about Twitter’s Media Studio.



@away – @TheEllenShow – @semrush – @Wendys – @Oreo – @WineFolly – @away – @Wendys – @Oreo – @WineFolly – @Wendys – @Wendys – @Wendys – @Wendys



Some of my favorite companies to monitor and follow that are doing a fantastic job include… @MeetEdgar @CMIContent @SMExaminer @Wendys @moonpie @Zappos @MeetEdgar @CMIContent @SMExaminer @Wendys @moonpie @Zappos Great content examples, engagement examples, and customer service examples utilizing social media. #SEMrushChat



These brands/companies, in my opinion, are smashing it on Twitter. (Of course!) @semrush @Oreo @JetBlue @Subway @VancityReynolds @garyvee @Oreo @JetBlue @Subway @VancityReynolds People like tweets that are original and amusing, as seen by these Twitter accounts.



I’m fine with businesses making fun of their competition with jokes and punchlines. This is something that @Wendys and @tacobell excel at. There are collection articles and films about their ‘greatest tweets’ since it’s been done so brilliantly. Businesses might take note of their fearless/casual attitude.



Some sports teams truly “get it,” and my favorite Twitter account is @Rockies – they’re lively, engaging, and a little caustic when needed. They also RESPOND to their audience. That, in my opinion, is enormous!



To begin, follow @netflix @MerriamWebster @wendys @moonpie @Target @burgerking on Twitter. Of course, @semrush 😉 #SEMrushchat Engagement, personality, regularity, discussions, and human interaction are all important factors.



On Twitter, I often cite @innocent as an example, but @monzo, @netflix, and @Missguided are also fantastic!



It’s not an advertisement, but it’s for you, @semrush. Businesses, in my view, must recognize that each social media platform has a distinct audience, and that content must be tailored to each digital channel.


Do you have any Twitter recommendations for 2021? 

Leave them in the comments section. In our upcoming SEMrushchat, which begins from 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m. BST on Wednesday, December 18th, we’ll talk about social media live streaming.

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The “twitter chat template” is a webinomy chat that has been designed to help you get started with your own Twitter chats. It’s full of tips and tricks for running successful Twitter chats.

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