Webinomy Q&A: Conversion Sciences CEO Brian Massey

Brian Massey is the CEO of Conversion Sciences, a marketing analytics company that uses AI and predictive modeling to optimize digital advertising campaigns. He was previously a consultant at McKinsey & Company where he helped lead their research on how technology changes human behavior as well as created tools for measuring behavioral change.

As digital marketing evolves, so too must the conversion sciences industry. A chatbot that helps with lead generation is just one of many ways a new age in online advertising can be ushered in by 2019.

Brian Massey, CEO of Conversion Sciences, is a highly intelligent marketing professional with decades of experience. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and has now created a company that provides digital marketing services to clients around the world.

Brian Massey, CEO of Conversion Sciences, was a featured guest on Webinomy’s “Chemistry of the Landing Page” webinar. Following his webinar, Brian addressed some more questions regarding conversion optimization, mobile conversion, and other topics.

Question: Will it be more harder to get visitors in 2015, and how will this effect conversion optimization? 

A: It won’t be any harder, but it will be different. In many locations, the cost of paid advertising is increasing. As prices grow, so does the expense of attracting new clients, pricing many firms out of the ad marketplaces. The only way to bring acquisition expenses down to a manageable level will be to improve conversion rates.

Q: Is conversion optimization a kind of search engine optimization? 

A: Conversion optimization has a stronger impact on both organic and paid search rankings. “Pogo stickiness” is being investigated by Google as a measure of a site’s relevancy. Google will consider you a second-class citizen if people click through to your site and immediately return.

Q: What do I need in place before I start working on improving my conversion rate? 

A: We advise you to:

  1. an analytics solution that is appropriately built to assist you in deciding what to test;
  2. CrazyEgg is a click-tracking service that allows you to see through the eyes of your visitors.
  3. software for split testing;
  4. For your boss, a tranquilizer.

Q: How do you think conversion rates will vary in 2015 – up, down, or sideways? 

A: They will, without a doubt, increase in 2015. Websites will improve as more firms embrace conversion optimization practices, and users will be able to locate what they’re searching for more easily.

Q: Will there be greater prospects for mobile conversion in 2015? 

A: Today’s websites would be an embarrassment if they were developed in the 1990s. Mobile Web 1.0, on the other hand, will be laughed at. Mobile Web 2.0, on the other hand, will not take a decade to realize. We now have incredible tools for optimizing mobile sites, and I anticipate firms to move faster to Mobile 2.0. 2015 will be a watershed year for learning.

Q: I’ve heard that mobile data is scarce and that mobile conversions are difficult. How can I prepare my site (or a client’s site) for mobile conversion optimization in 2015?

A: Obtaining mobile data is not difficult. We are living in a golden era of data and technologies. Conversion rates for mobile visitors are much lower than for desktop visitors. We don’t believe this is a platform-wide issue. In fact, for many businesses, mobile conversion rates should surpass desktop conversion rates. Start testing your mobile site as a separate, distinct site as soon as possible. Avoid responsive webpages and instead create sites that are optimized for smaller devices, particularly phone screens. You have a lot to learn and try out new technologies. In 2015, get started.

View Brian’s segment of the panel below, or listen to the complete panel discussion by clicking through.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1Q0J3u 0Rs&t=30m20s

You can also visit the SlideShare and download a PDF transcript of the panel.

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