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Recently, a few weeks back Webinomy was updated with an option for 2000xl billing. This is good news because the initial release has been very successful and clients are still signing up in droves. There will be continued updates to webinomy over the next year as they continue to innovate on their product while keeping expectations high.,

Webinomy is a social media marketing and analytics platform that helps users create, manage, and measure campaigns. Webinomy has just updated their 2020 plans. Check for updates on your phone to see how you can get started with the new features. Read more in detail here: check for updates on my phone.

Webinomy is continually at the forefront of market developments as the digital marketing business grows. We’re continually improving our current tools and launching new ones to make every marketer’s work easier and reduce the barrier to entry into the digital race.

Take a look back at our growth trends over the last several years before getting into the most important 2020 updates:


We’re always increasing our keyword database, as well as our other databases, to ensure that our customers get the most up-to-date and relevant information for their marketing choices. Our keyword database rose from 17.6 billion to 20 billion this year. It only had 2 billion keywords in 2018, so image the 10x increase in only two years!

The whole list of Webinomy’s most recent statistics may be seen here.

With 2020 shaping up to be one of the most difficult years yet, we concentrated on the one thing that matters most to us: our users. We developed software and improved our algorithms to assist them in expanding their online audience across all platforms.

All of the major 2020 improvements are listed below, each meant to help you improve your digital marketing strategy:

The Term Overview is a high-level report that provides information about any keyword/phrase in the Webinomy database, allowing you to develop a more data-driven keyword strategy. 

A completely new Keyword Overview, with a revised report, is now lighting up your marketing efforts with additional features: 

  • We rolled out the global volume measure (an estimate of the term’s monthly search volume across all countries) with a list of the most popular nations for chosen keywords to assist you analyze the keyword potential. 

  • The SERP analysis function displays the top 100 Google results for the selected phrase, as well as essential data (backlinks, referring domains, search traffic, and keywords) for each URL.


The purpose of Keyword Gap is to assist marketers in identifying untapped paid and organic keyword possibilities.

The brand new Keyword Gap tool now comes with a slew of useful features:


  • Try the new keyword categories “missing,” “shared,” “unique,” “strong,” and “weak” for a simple process.

Keyword Gap has been linked with the Keyword Manager, much like the rest of our keyword products.

From search traffic counts and position adjustments to backlink and keyword profile overviews, Domain Overview provides a bird’s-eye perspective of any website’s online existence.


  • We implemented subdomain and subfolder-level analysis since sometimes you don’t need (or want) to examine a full site’s web presence.

  • Use the new Compare mode for greater efficiency and faster insights, which allows you to compare up to five websites at once and identify changes in their organic/paid traffic counts and prices, organic keywords, and backlink profiles.

Backlink Analytics allows you to track and compare the backlink profiles of your rivals.

With the aid of the new “target URL error” filter, you can find out which broken pages of the rival site get backlinks and urge the referral’s site owner to change the link with one going to your relevant page (Indexed Pages report).

Backlink Audit gives you a look at your site’s backlink profile and helps you prevent penalties by identifying any connections that send Google poisonous signals. 

This year, the indicators Webinomy utilizes to determine each link’s Toxic Score have improved in accuracy and sophistication.

Use the newest Target Pages report to receive a summary of your site’s best-performing pages (in terms of backlinks and referral traffic share), which includes information on active, broken, new, and lost backlinks. Connect your Google Analytics account for a more in-depth study.

Position Tracking allows you to keep track of your site’s daily rankings for a given set of keywords, with the ability to track by geolocation (down to the hyper-local level) and device type. 

  • Based on a new indicator called Share of Voice, you can now correctly analyze the business effect of your SEO efforts (SoV). While the Visibility statistic in Position Tracking is generated by taking into consideration a site’s keyword placements, SoV additionally considers the search volume and expected traffic for chosen keywords to compute the proportion of the market you occupy for monitored keywords.

  • With the new Cannibalization report, you can see any self-competition on SERPs and enhance your content strategy by learning how to merge competing sites, separate content, and target cannibalizing pages to various keyword clusters.


  • With a revamped Devices & Locations report, now you can easily compare various geo-targets on a country-, region-, and city-level, benchmarking visibility performance for various locations if you have multiple business locations within one state. For large businesses with numerous locations, we now allow adding an unlimited number of locations they can track under one project.

  • With Export scheduling, you can now specify how frequently you want to get updates from Position Tracking reports, whether they’re Overview, Rankings Distribution, or Landing Pages reports. This feature involves the distribution of a full spreadsheet (Excel or CSV) containing insights from each report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Site Audit assesses the health of your website automatically and provides a prioritized list of concerns and suggestions for improvement. 

With our one-of-a-kind Markups analysis, discover additional site optimization areas for even better organic performance and a possibility to get into SERP highlights. This brief summary enhances Site Audit’s overall capabilities by providing a user-friendly depiction of markup use and markup implementation faults. 


Listing Management provides basic company profile information to the most major web directories automatically, allowing for local SEO victories and voice search optimization.

In 2020, we enlarged the number of eligible nations to include France and Germany, as well as adding additional directories across all locations, in order to accommodate more enterprises with more expanding geo.


Our customers now have access to a full local SEO toolbox thanks to a number of key updates:

  • Customer reviews on Google My Business (GMB) and Facebook may be responded to directly from the review management application.

  • The Local Ranking Heatmap report is a more comprehensive Local Ranking report that examines your company’s Google Maps placements in a particular area. Up to five keywords may be tracked on a hyper-local level in the report, with rankings presented in a heatmap around your target location. 


Any website’s performance may be analyzed using Traffic Analytics, which includes a summary of the site’s top traffic-driving channels, traffic acquisition techniques, and user engagement data.

  • We’ve improved our traffic estimate algorithm to provide you with the most accurate traffic counts data on the market, allowing us to deliver subdomain-level analysis for different reports. 

  • With the new Audience Insights report, you can now analyze the audiences of other websites, discover how rival audiences overlap with yours, and choose the ideal partners for various marketing activities based on audience matching.


  • The Traffic Journey report depicts the flow of traffic and displays which websites people visit before and after arriving at the studied domain. Use these information to remarket to your audience and to draw your rivals’ audiences’ attention to your products.


Market Explorer gives a complete analysis of industry trends and major benchmarks, as well as a list of leading competitors and their market share, as well as audience demographics in the market.

  • The newest Growth Quadrant showcases major industry participants (split into Niche companies, Game changers, Leaders, and Established players) and pinpoints market position changes over time, allowing you to explore any market’s competitive environment.


  • With the newly available Benchmarking Report, compare a specific domain to five other sites, comparing visitor numbers, traffic sources, and important audience characteristics.

We have greatly expanded the geographic coverage of Market Explorer, bringing the total number of regions and countries covered to 190. 

Test ImpactHero, our new standalone solution for content marketing teams, to examine your website content from the standpoint of buyer journey stages. At every level of the process, the tool can identify your website’s high-performing elements and suggest ways to enhance the remainder of the material.

We also worked to improve the Material Marketplace, a Webinomy platform for purchasing high-quality SEO-driven content from experienced copywriters, which was just launched. 

Product descriptions, email newsletters, press releases, ebooks, and website copy (in British and American English only) are now featured in Content Marketplace, allowing users to profit from even more on-demand content and copywriting services by 2020.


We have launched monthly and yearly membership levels based on input from customers who regularly utilize the platform’s services. You may now enjoy additional great features by joining up for a Premium subscription, including:

  • Shared Workspaces, a much-anticipated feature that allows team members to collaborate on generating orders, preparing briefs, making content modifications, and providing comments with up to three colleagues (and customers, if they have a Webinomy account). 

If you don’t enjoy jumping from one network to the next in quest of internal information, check out the new Social Media Analytics tool, which displays performance numbers for Facebook and Instagram, including new followers, reach, and special interaction measures.

The new Social Media Advertisements solution from Webinomy enables customers to create, deploy, and manage ads across the entire Facebook family of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and the Audience Network platforms). 

You may now run advertisements without going deep into difficult settings, as well as maintain track of their performance and take fast action adjusting low-performing ad pieces, thanks to its user-friendly interface and alerts.

Try the Agency Growth Kit if you’re searching for a solution that covers your agency’s basic requirements at every level of your normal client process, from successful lead generation to easy final reporting.

The kit offers a collection of Webinomy features dedicated to digital marketing companies that help them acquire and keep more clients:

  • By building a platform where companies can meet agencies for prospective collaboration, the Agency Partners Platform creates new lead generating prospects. Agencies are displayed on the platform among other participants with demonstrated marketing experience after acquiring an unique certification that validates their competency with Webinomy technologies.

  • With the Agency Growth Kit, you’ll have access to advanced reporting features in My Reports, including branding, white-labeling, and more.


  • By integrating customer profiles and maintaining all of the critical client data, projects, and reports in one place, agencies can ditch the spreadsheets and automate their customer management routine.

Sellzone is a smart toolbox aimed at assisting Amazon sellers in getting the most out of each product listing and expanding their client base.


This year, Amazon sellers may improve their product listings even more and attract more online traffic as Sellzone evolves into the perfect Amazon sales platform with the addition of the following new features:

  • We introduced Traffic Insights to assist sellers locate new consumer sources by examining traffic channels for competing Amazon items, in order to help you discover prospects for expanding your company.

  • Use the new Listing Quality Check to get concrete advice on how to improve your listing’s performance and visibility. It checks the listing’s content for possible suspension risks and compliance with Amazon criteria.

  • By monitoring changes in your or your rivals’ pricing, keyword positions, listing suppressions, and purchase boxes, Listing Protection provides an alert system (through SMS or email) that lets sellers manage listing changes and traffic loss quickly. 

Webinomy purchased Prowly, a fast-growing SaaS public relations firm with access to over 1 million journalists and influencers, as well as CRM features, customised online newsrooms, email campaigns, and advanced PR analytics, in 2020 to magnify our customers’ digital PR efforts. With their Webinomy credentials, all of our users may join up for Prowly. 

Yoast SEO, a prominent SEO plugin for WordPress, now has tight integration with Webinomy’s huge keyword database and SEO products, allowing users to produce more effective content using Webinomy’s smart, SEO-focused keyword ideas and statistics.

Our ongoing drive for progress is linked to our users’ desire for market share and growth, and we work hard each year to create best-in-class solutions that meet all of your digital demands.

We make small modifications to our tools on a regular basis, therefore this document only covers the main 2020 product improvements. 

If you have any improvement suggestions – or even some insane ones – please share them with us, since our product modifications are constantly driven by customer input, and you have a genuine potential to influence our 2021 strategy.

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